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The Circumnavigators Club is an organization for people who have made a trip around the world. Learn more about the Club on the international website. The Chicago chapter sponsors 4 educational events a year plus a December Holiday party.

To raise funds to support the Circumnavigators Foundation, we have a party in July. One of the main activities of the Foundation is to send carefully selected students (Scholars) on an around the world trip to pursue research. Our creed is:

See our 2016 events and photos in the archive. Also view all events and photos from 1986 to 2016.

Below are our 2017 events. Please reserve these dates. Updated information is posted on this page, as it becomes available, from Jim Franch (contact via e-mail), our Vice President of Programs.

Click on the thumbnails for the paper invitations. Click on underlined locations for a Google map.

  • Invitation May 2017 Sunday, May 7, 2017
    "Research on Pros & Cons of GMO Technology"
    by Foundation Scholar Tara Mittelberg
    at KOI Restaurant, 624 Davis St, Evanston. Their website.

    12:30pm -- 1:30 Buffet Brunch (cash bar is available)
    1:30pm -- 2:00 Business meeting & guest introductions
    2:00pm -- 3:00 Tara Mittelberg presentation
    (NU students are invited free to the lecture)

  • Invitation July 2017 Saturday, July 15, 2017
    "Annual Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser"
    See Extensive & Unique Collection of Automotive History
    of Klairmont Kollections, at 3117 North Knox Ave, Chicago

    11:00 -- 3:00pm Buffet Brunch (no food or beverages on showroom floor)
    11:30 -- 12:00 An update on what our scholars are up to now
    11:00 -- 3:00pm Tour the showroom floors

  • Invitation Oct 2017 Wednesday, October 18, 2017
    "Sailing Around the World in 3.5 Years with Kids"
    by Marc & Jane Adams
    at Cliff Dwellers Club 22nd floor 200 S. Michigan Ave.. Their website.

    4:30pm -- 6:15 Cocktails at Cash Bar on the Lake View Terrace
    6:15pm -- 7:30 Dinner (guest introductions and opening remarks)
    7:30pm -- 8:30 Presentation with Q&A

  • Invitation Oct 2017 December 5, 2017
    "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the Red Lion Pub. Their website.

    6:00pm -- 7:00 Open discussion at the Cash Bar
    7:00pm -- 8:00 Dinner with guest introductions
    8:00pm -- 9:00 Best travel picture story contest, then dessert

On May 7, 2017 Tara Mittleberg presented her 2016 Circumnavigation Research results at the Koi Restaurant near the Northwestern campus in Evanston. Tara gave an entertaining and informative lecture on her trip and on her food research in half a dozen countries. We enjoyed a buffet lunch.

May2017Photo1 May2017Photo2 Left: Treasurer Barb Franch, members Heidi Bohn, Bill Redfield and Virginia Mullin. Right: The Middleberg table, with Tara Mittleberg flanked by her parents with aunt and uncle and friend.
May2017Photo3 May2017Photo4 Left: Webmaster Don Parrish, Ralph Segal, Patricia Young, Jim Keating, Pete Peterson, VP Foundation Carol Narup and Del Zunas. Right: Three guests, VP Membership Jeneane Blom, Secretary Don Blom, and President Karen Schlueter.
May2017Photo5 May2017Photo6 Left: VP Membership Jeneane Blom presents a pleased Dr. Patricia Young with her membership certificate. Right: Long time informal member Ralph Segel joins after the passing of his wife, Esther.
May2017Photo7 May2017Photo8 Left: Tara Mittleberg with her parents Cathy and Neil.
Right: Close up of Tara during her well received talk.
May2017Photo9 May2017Photo10 Left: The title slide of her Power Point presentation.
Right: Her intinerary
May2017Photo11 May2017Photo12 Left: President Karen Schlueter looks on as 2017 Foundation Scholar Margot Zuckerman gives a preview of her circumnavigation.
Right: The Winships drove from Michigan to attend, former Secretary Pat Smith, and 2011 Foundation Scholar Ben Shorofsky.