• Karen Schlueter, President
  • Jeneane Blom, Vice President-Membership
  • Jim Franch, Vice President-Programs
  • Carol Narup, Vice President-Foundation
  • Don Blom, Secretary
  • Barb Franch, Treasurer
  • Don Parrish, Webmaster
  • Deanna Padgett, Publicity Director
  • Ben Shorofsky, Foundation Assistant
  • Marilyn Fischel, Member at Large
  • Dan Peterson, Immediate Past President

Board photo taken at the Foundation Fundraiser in July 2016. Not shown: Jeneane, Don, Deanna and Ben

                      Don - - - - - Dan - - - Carol - - - - - - - Karen - - Jim - - - - - - Marilyn - - - - - - Barb Photo of Officers


Dan Passes Torch At the Holiday Party in 2015 Karen Schlueter, the new president receives the photograph from outgoing president Dan Peterson.

This passing of the Earth Rise photograph is a long standing tradition explained the bottom on this page.

Karen started a new tradition by presenting Dan with a plaque honoring his service as president. See those photos at the bottom of this page.


Jim passes torch Here at the Holiday Party in 2013, Dan Peterson, the new president receives the photograph from Jim Arimond, who had been chapter president for a record 10 years.

The source of the autographed photo is described below.


Carol passes torch Here Carol Narup, who had been the chapter president for 5 years, passes the protograph to Jim Arimond, the new chapter president.

Carol Narup had received this autographed photograph from Tim Vavra, the outgoing president in 1999 when she became president.

The symbol of office is the famous photograph of the Earth rise taken from lunar orbit by astronaut Jim Lovell of Apollo 8 and 13 fame.

Jim Lovell spoke to the Chicago chapter in 1990 and gave this photograph to our president Karl Baughman. See photos.

The tradition was born of passing this photograph from the outgoing to the incoming chapter president.