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The Circumnavigators Club is an organization for people who have made a trip around the world. Learn more about the Club on the international website. The Chicago chapter sponsors 4 educational events a year plus a December Holiday party.

To raise funds to support the Circumnavigators Foundation, we have a fundraiser each year. One of the main activities of the Foundation is to send carefully selected students (Scholars) on an around the world trip to pursue research. Our creed is:


See our 2023 events and photos in the archive. Also view all events and photos from 1986 to 2023.
The entire history of the Chicago Chapter can be found grouped by year in the Photos and Events archive.

Below is a listing of early info and invitations for our 2024 events.

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  • Invitation April 2024 Sunday, April 28th, 2024
    "Meet Elizabeth Hyun, 2023 Scholar"
    at the Koi Fine Asian Cuisine and Lounge (website)
    624 Davis Street in Evanston (map) starting at 12:30pm.

    Cash bar -- 12:30 - 1:15 Appetizers and Conversation (cash bar available)
    Lunch ---- 1:15
    Program -- follows lunch

  • Invitation July 2024 Sunday, July 14th, 2024
    "Climbing to the Top of Africa"
    at the LaVilla Italian Restaurant, 3638 N. Pulaski Road in Chicago (map)

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    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.

  • Invitation April 2024 Sunday, September 15th, 2024
    "Foundation Fundraiser Brunch"
    at the home of Carol Sommers, 1558 N Hoyne Ave in Chicago (map)

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  • Invitation April 2024 Saturday, December 7th, 2024
    "Annual Holiday Party"
    Francesca's Restaurant Wine Cellar, 200 E. Chestnut in Chicago (map)

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On Sunday, April 28, 2024, we gathered at 12:30pm at the Koi Fine Asian Cusine and Lounge at 624 Davis Street in Evanston. This was a cozy and friendly restaurant within walking distance of the Northwest University Campus. So a number of NU students joined us.

We were meeting to enjoy fellowship and to listen to the trip/project report from Elizabeth Hyun. She is the Foundation Scholar sponsored by the Chicago Circumnavigators Chapter. Her research topic is sadly even more topical than when Elizabeth selected it. Her project: A Comparative Studey on Psychotraumatology: Investigating Trauma Care in Post-Conflict Countries.

Liz's research involved a series of expert interviews with professionals andschoars in the fields of mental health, social science, and community support in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Sarajevo, Bosnia; Tokyo, Japan; and Seoul, South Korea.

We also recognized and presented new membership certificates to three new members. See their photos below.

April2024Photo1 April2024Photo2 Left: David Warning and his guest joined Chapter President Jim Franch wearing a new Club shirt.
Right: Deanna Padgett, VP-Foundation, 2024 Foundation Finalist Lucia Barnum, and new members Katie Valleau & Nathan Martin.
April2024Photo3 April2024Photo4 Left: Former Chapter Presidents, Karen Schulter & Jeneane Blom and former Secretary Don Blom.
Right: Webmaster, Don Parrish and Secretary Mary Houston.
April2024Photo5 April2024Photo6 Left: Our newest member Carol Sommers and her husband.
Right: Dan Peterson, President-Elect of Circumnavigators Club, Elizabeth Hyun, our speaker, 2 NU students and Pat Smith, former Secretary.
April2024Photo7 April2024Photo8 Left: Jan Aaron, VP Communications and Deanna Padgett, VP Foundation enjoy the ambiance.
Right: Elizabeth Hyun gives her presentation.
April2024Photo9 April2024Photo10 Left: Audience view as Elizabeth talks
Right: This Slide captures the root of the problem in her research topic.
April2024Photo11 April2024Photo10 Left: Deanna bursts with joy to present the flags of the countries Elizabeth visited. And she named them following club tradition.
Right: A hug seals the bond for the successful accomplishment of this round the world research trip.
April2024Photo13 April2024Photo14 Left: Jim presents membership certificates to Katie Valleau and Nathan Martin.
Right: Mary Houston, our Secretary, presents a membership certificate to Carol Sommers, our newest member.