How to Join the Circumnavigators Club


Joining the Circumnavigators Club requires that you have made a trip around the world. Prospective members are asked to trace on an application how they circumnavigated the globe. The route must cross all the meridians of longitude in one direction, but does not have to be completed in a single trip. They must be sponsored and seconded by any two members of the Circumnavigators Club, who submit written letters of recommendation to the Board of Governors, which makes the final approval.

It's easy to get started. Contact Jeneane Blom, our Vice President of Membership, on the phone at 708-447-7201 or via e-mail at She will suggest that you attend one or more of our events -- listed on our Home Page -- so you can meet some local members. She will also answer your questions on how to complete the application. You can download the two page application by clicking here and printing it on your home computer. Jeneanne can mail you an application if you prefer.

After a member is approved, they receive a framed membership certificate. Typically the VP of Membership presents their certificate during one of the 5 or 6 annual events. The event might be dinner meeting with an outside lecturer, or might be during a lecture by one of our Foundation Scholars that our chapter sponsors each year, or it could be at the annual holiday party.

Here are some examples of members receiving their certificate.

Feb2014Photo2 On February 19, 2014, Foundation Scholar Catherine Althaus lectured on her Circumnavigation Research results at Hardin Hall on the Northwestern campus in Evanston. As frequently happens at our events, VP-Membership Karen Schlueter presented the membership certificate to a very happy CJ Ford.

New Members This is a record cohort of new members: Bill & Marilyn Redfield, Genevieve Adsit, Katie Gotaas, and Whitney & Arthur Watson. At the December 2008 holiday party, our VP of Membership, Karen Schlueter, individually presented them their certificates just before this photo was taken.

Scott Davis, Robert Rain New members are presented their framed membership certificate at one of the chapter's scheduled events. For example, at the May 15, 2005 event, Scott Davis (l), the VP of membership at the time, presented a new member certificate to Robert Rain (r) who explained how he took his circumnavigation. Chick thumbnail to enlarge the photo.