1986 Chapter Archives

This was the Chicago Chapter's inaugural year. Two events were held in addition to the numerous membership building & organizing activities.

1986 saw the addition of 35 inaugural members; James W. & Marilyn B. Alsdorf, Karl T. Baughman, Mary Braly, William A. Briggs, Albert C. & Patricia H. Buehler, Thomas H. Coulter, Richard J. Damisch, Oscar H. Dodson, Donald E. Dougan, Eben E. Erikson, John O. "Jack" Foy, Donald N. Frey, George H. Galloway, Benjamin J. Gingiss, Bobbie Goldblatt, Myron S. Goldman, Warren J. Heyse, Michael J. Kelly, Larry T. Knauff, Dorothy R. & Warren W. Kreft, Po-Lun Liu, Frank J. Magee, Terrence B. McCarthy, Warren B. O'Connor, Llewellyn G. Owens, Richard S. & Roxelyn Pepper, Richard A. Perritt, Allin W. Proudfoot, Darlene R. Spaulding, & John F. Sullivan.


  • Allin W. Proudfoot, President
  • Mary Braly, Secretary
  • Frank J. Magee, Treasurer
  • Patricia H. Buehler, Vice-President-Programs

1986 Events

  • May 19th - "Inaugural Event" by Terrence B. McCarthy - Australian Consul General of Chicago at the McCarthy Chicago Residence
  • September 10th - "End of Summer" by Swedish Trade Council of Chicago
    at the Trade Council's downtown offices

Details from the May 19, 1986 event at the McCarthy's residence:

Peterson Welcoming Proudfoot Consul General McCarthy looks on as International President Bob Peterson presents Chicago President Allin W. Proudfoot with Chicago's official charter. Speaker McCarthy then presented a colorful video of modern Australia as well as personal observations in advance of our upcoming study tour. He then graciously served a buffett dinner to over 40 guests in his downtown residence overlooking Lake Michigan.

Summary of September 10, 1986 event at the Swedish Trade Council offices:

No Images Available Submissions Welcome No photographs were known to be taken at this event. The local Swedish Trade Council delegation shared their mission with the chapter attendees & then provided an overview of the opportunities in Sweden today before hosting a buffett dinner.