1988 Chapter Archives

The chapter continued to broaden the world knowledge of its membership by conducting three events covering countries in Asia, Europe & North America.

1988 saw the addition of 4 new members; Eleanor C. Briggs, Marshall C. Finkelman, Allison Sethness & C. Olin Sethness.

One member, Eben E. Erikson, passed Over the Horizon.

The chapter ended 1988 with 43 active members.


  • Benjamin J. Gingiss, President
  • Mary Braly, Secretary
  • Frank J. Magee, Treasurer
  • Patricia H. Buehler, Vice-President-Programs
  • Allin W. Proudfoot, Past-President

1988 Events

  • May 19th - "Travels in Korea" by Ms. Carol Powil
    at the Tavern Club in Chicago
  • September 15th - "Letzeburgisch? What's That? Luxembourg? Where's That?; by Stephen V. Heinz
    at the Baughman Residence in Lake Forest
  • December 10th - "A Discussion on Canada/U.S. Relations" by Anthony L. Halliday
    at the Halliday Residence in Chicago

Details from the May 19th event at the Tavern Club of Chicago:

No Images Available Submissions Welcome Ms. Carol Powill gave a slide show on Korea as it was preparing for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. She spent a considerable amount of time in Korea, including time studying at Ewha Woman's University. Kim, the Tavern Club's chef, is from Korea & prepared a truly authentic meal from his family's recipes. After the formal lecture was complete, Kim delighted the night owls with 2 additional hours of home videotapes.

Details from the September 15th event at the Baughman Residence in Lake Forest:

Consul Heinz Sethnesses & BGingis On the left, honorary Consul General of Luxembourg, Stephen V. Heinz addressed to topic's 2 questions. On the right, Alison Sethness, Ben Gingiss & Olin Sethness sampled a special wine produced in Luxembourg.
Consul Heinz at dinner The Baughman hosts On the left, Stephen V. Heinz dines with members Daniel Bryant & Mary Braly. On the right, hosts Karl & Dorothy Baughman dine with the other members in their living room.

Details from the December 10th event at the Halliday Residence in Chicago:

K Baughman K Bay D Bryant Consul General Haliday & Felippa The Canadian Consul General, Anthony Halliday & his wife Felippa graciously entertained the local membership in their downtown residence. Excellent Canadian wines were served before & during dinner. On the left recent host Karl Baughman meets with fellow members Karen Bay & Dan Byrant. On the right our hosts Anthony & Felippa Halliday present their opening remarks.
Simpsons A.Foy & Baughmans The formal program included a short video as well as Anthony's insights into current opportunities & challenges facing our two nations. The floor was then opened up for membership observations from their recent trips "Up North". On the left, Bill & Mary Simpson, Alice Foy, Dorothy & Karl Baughman bundle up before heading out home.