1989 Chapter Archives

The chapter continued to broaden the world knowledge of its membership by conducting three events covering countries in Asia, Europe & North America.

1989 saw the addition of 16 new members; Dorothy Baughman, Karen B. Bay, Andrea Biel-Cohen, Elnora R & Bryce Burton, Edwina H. & Robert C. Ericsson, Joan M. Gibbons, Phelps Johnston, Walter L. Keats, Jeffery J. Kimball, James L. Pirtle, Henry Schirmer Riley, Marilyn M. & William G. Simpson & Martin C. Wilson. 1 of our members; Phelps Johnston, passed Over the Horizon. The chapter ended 1989 with 47 active members.


  • Karl T. Baughman, President
  • Mary B. Wilson, Secretary
  • Frank J. Magee, Treasurer
  • Daniel C. Bryant, Vice-President-First
  • Karen B. Bay, Vice-President-Programs
  • Benjamin J. Gingiss, Past-President

1989 Events

  • April 27th - "Luxor and the Valley of Kings" by Ms. Jill Carlotta Maher
    at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • September 21st - "France and America: Partners in Liberty; by Richard Narich
    at the Saddle and Cycle Club of Chicago
  • December 14th - "Holiday Party goes Oriental" by Ms. Elena Phillips
    at the Baughman Residence in Lake Forest
  • December 28th - "Goodwill Connection Dinner" by Karl & Dorothy Baughman
    at the Baughman Residence in Lake Forest

Details from the April 27th event at the Adventurers Club of Chicago:
Ms. Maher, the assistant director of Epigraphic Survey at the Oriental Institute, described her experiences in Luxor, Egypt, working at the Chicago House, headquarters of the University of Chicago in Egypt.

Baughman Geyer & Luther K Bay & J Carlotta-Maher On the left, Chapter President Karl Baughman with visiting International President Bill Geyer & Int'l VP Don Luther.
On the right, Karen Bay & speaker Jill Carlotta Maher admire a different artifact.
Sethnesses A Foy & Weirs On the left, Alison & Olin Sethness enjoy the lecture. On the right, Alice Foy, John & Louise Weir also take in the presentation.

Details from the September 15th event at the Baughman Residence in Lake Forest:
On the bicentennial of the French Revolution, Mr. Narich, the Consul General of France in Chicago, spoke of the parallels between the French & American Revolutions. In his words these events "changed the world through the struggle for democracy & liberty." Jane Narich, his wife of UK citizenship, also provided a balanced viewpoint while Mrs. Rama Wharton from the wait staff saved the day by taking the photos with her personal camera.

Narichs & Baughman Andrea Biel-Cohn, Baughman & Karen Bay On the left; Jane & French Consul Richard Narich pose with Karl Baughman. On the right; new member Andrea Biel-Cohen receives her certificate from Karl Baughman & Karen Bay.
AFoy & BBuehler DParrish & J Gibbons On the left; Alice Foy & Albert Buehler share a moment. On the right; a new prospect Don Parrish shares a smile with his host Joan Gibbons.

Details from the December 14th & 28th events at the Baughman Residence in Lake Forest:
In addition to the normal holiday party atmosphere, Ms. Elena Phillips spoke on various samples of her private Oriental textile collection. Elena is the president of the Oriental Art Society of Chicago.

KBay & EPhillips FMagee & KBaughman

On the left, Karen Bay & Elena Phillips display a textile from Elena's collection. On the right, Frank Magee accepts a small token of appreciation for his service from Karl Baughman.

JDamisch & the Buehlers Goodwill Connection Dinner

On the left, Jean Damisch enjoys time with Albert & Pat Buehler. On the right, Karl & Dorothy Baughman host Maria & Andy Assimakopoulos from Greece along with Frank Magee.