1990 Chapter Archives


The chapter continued to broaden its members' world knowledge by conducting 4 events, one of which was "out of this world". We also participated in Detroit's annual Summer Safari as well as the Headquarters-sponsored Danube River cruise.

1990 saw the addition of 7 new members; William Gimbel Jr., Elizabeth Jahncke (from New York City), Sibyl W. Johnston, Beverly & Dick Jones, Donald M. Parrish, Jr. and Elena Phillips. The chapter ended the year with 51 active members.


  • Karl T. Baughman, President
  • Joan M. Gibbons, Secretary
  • Marshall C. Finkelman, Treasurer
  • John O. Foy, Vice-President-First
  • Karen B. Bay, Vice-President-Programs
  • Benjamin J. Gingiss, Past-President

1990 Events

  • April 5th - "Apollo 8 & 13" by Captain James D. Lovell
    at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • June 28th - "Conquest of Mt. Everest" by Dr. Geoffrey Tabin
    at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • September 27th - "Spain Today with a View Towards '92"
    by George L. Speros at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest
  • November 20th - "Nothing Venture, Nothing Won"
    by Sir Edmund Hillary at Northwestern University of Evanston
  • December 18th - "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the Glenview Country Club of Golf

Details from the April 5th event at the Adventurer's Club of Chicago:
Captain James A. Lovell, Jr. (ret.) thrilled the audience with his recollections of being the 1st Gemini pilot to rendezvous with another spacecraft, pilot Apollo 8 to the moon (another 1st) & command a badly damaged Apollo 13 to the moon & back.
K Baughman and Eugene Witz J Lovell with Earth Rise On the left, Co-host presidents Karl Baughman (Circumnavigators) & Eugene Witz (Adventurers).
On the right, James D. Lovell presents the local chapter with a signed "Earth Rise" photo that passes to each new chapter president.
Signed EarthRise Photo Signed Membership Certificate On the left, the actual "Earth Rise" signed photo.
On the right, Don Parrish requested an autograph on his new membership certificate. Lovell smiled as he wrote this challenge "You have 421 times to go" to catch up to his circumnavigation total. This challenge inspired Don in 2011 to make 100 circumnavigations around the South Pole on its 100 anniversary, documented in a Log article.

Details from the June 28th event at the Adventurer's Club of Chicago:
The Himalayas are the most beautiful & deadly mountains in the world. Dr. Geoffrey Tabin described why he choose to climb Mt. Everest & how his team finally made it to the top. He also described the Nepalese region & its culture.
Tabin's route Baughman, Erskine, et all On the left, Dr. Tabin outlines his route. On the right, co-hosts Karl Baughman & Jim Erskine meet with Karen Bay, HQ's Pat Collins & Joan Gibbons.

Details from the Danube River Cruise & Detroit Chapter Summer safari:

No Images Available Submissions Welcome On the left, the Baughmans represented our chapter at the annual Detroit Summer Safari. On the right they are in Budapest, a stop on the club-sponsored Danube River cruise (Passau to Budapest & back).

Details from the September 27th event at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest:

KBaughman with Sibyl Johnston JFoy with the Breidenbachs Professor George Speros of Lake Forest College educated our chapter on the details of Spanish culture as well outline what Spain is doing today in advance on the 1992 Olympics.
On the left, Karl Baughman welcomes new member Sibyl Johnston. On the right, Jack Foy welcomes the Michigan chapter Breidenbachs.

Details from the November 20th at the Northwestern Evanston Campus:

Sir Hillary with the Daisches Submissions Welcome Chapter members Dick & Jean Damisch attended an NU Alumni event where former Magellan Award Recipient Sir Edmund Hillary spoke on his Mt Everest climb. Pictured on the left, he personally signs his book on the subject after the talk.

Details from the December 18th event at the Glenview Country Club of Golf:

No Images Available Submissions Welcome New members Beverly & Dick Joutras sponsored the party at the beautiful Glen View Club. Unfortunately Karl Baughman's new camera had technical difficulties so no images are available at this time.