1991 Chapter Archives


The chapter continued to broaden its knowledgebase by conducting 4 varied events.

1991 saw the addition of 7 new members; Joseph C. Bendy, John S. Dunhill, Dr. Beverly O. Friend, Charles W. Olson, Robert G. Shaw, Jerome L. Ulane and
Thomas (Tim) A. Vavra. The chapter ended the year with 56 active members.


  • Karl T. Baughman, President
  • Joan M. Gibbons, Secretary
  • Marshall C. Finkelman, Treasurer
  • John O. Foy, Vice-President-First
  • Karen B. Bay, Vice-President-Programs
  • Benjamin J. Gingiss, Past-President

1991 Events

  • April 18th - "South African Panorama" by Mrs. Helen Smith
    at the Smith Residence in Chicago
  • June 20th - "An Evening with an Artist" by William Olendorf
    at the Olendorf Tree Studio of Chicago
  • September 12th - "Friends of Conservation & Eco-Tourism"
    by Reute Butler & John Webley at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • December 5th - "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest

Details from the April 18th event at the Smith Residence of Chicago:
Helen Smith, spoke on her country's unique flora, Bushman art, customs & "tabus" of the different tribes.

RPeterson DGotass with the Broekhuysens Submissions Welcome On the left guest Rick Peterson & Dave Gotass discuss events with incoming Consul Eric Broekhuysen & wife Glynnis. On the right, Jim & Karen Bay meet with Consul Daniel S. Smith & his wife & speaker Helen.
DSmith AFarleigh MFinkelman EBroekhuysen BGingiss On the left Consul Daniel S. Smith meets with guest Anne Farleigh & Marshall Finkelman. On the right, Consul Eric Broekhuysen confers with past president Ben Gingiss.
OSethness Bill Gimbel H Smith & K Bray On the left Olin Sethness & Bill Gimbel share a moment. On the right, speaker Helen Smith accepts two British watercolors from chapter VP Karen Bay.

Details from the June 20th event at Chicago's famous Tree Studio:

Al Fresco Dining Bill Olendorf regaled the audience in his comfortable home by recounting his international adventures which have led to his published art works. His work is posthumously available at billolendorf.com. Starting clockwise from the back, Jean & Dick Damisch with Jim Bay discuss the delightful al fresco summer evening with Lois Bannerman & guest Alice Foy.

Details from the September 12th event at the Adventurers Club of Chicago:

Baughman and Gorilla KBay with Speakers On the left, Karl Baughman shares the jungle decor of the club with a very distant relative. On the right, speakers Reute Butler & John Webley, executives of the F.O.C. flank tonight's host, Karen Bay. They presented their organization's efforts to conserve East African wildlife & habitat via eco-tourism, animal translocation & education.

Details from the December 5th event at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest:

Baughman iniating Dr. Friend Bob and Edwina Ericsson Despite the 10" snowfall & record cold we all came out for the holiday spirit. On the left, Karl Baughman presents Dr. Beverly Friend with her membership certificate. On the right, Bob & Edwina Ericsson pause while reflecting on their HQ-sponsored 1991 Norwegian cruise.
JPOrter and EBriggs Ericsson cruise discussion On the left, Jim Porter & Eleanor Briggs have a cup of holiday cheer. On the right, Bob & Edwina discuss their Norwegian cruise experience with Dorothy Baughman & John Webley in the back & Frank Magee in the foreground during the buffet dinner.