1992 Chapter Archives


The chapter held 4 events as well as participated in the club's 90th anniversary round the world adventure.

1992 saw the addition of 12 new members; Kenneth A. Bro, Calvin A. Campbell, Catherine J. & James B. Garnett, Donny Howell, Patricia Hutar, MaryAnn Jirasek, Beverly P. & Richard L. Joutras, Robert A. Krause, Hemant Nayak & Janet Strube. 2 of our members; Marshall C. Finkelman & Richard A. Perritt, passed Over the Horizon. The chapter ended the year with 57 active members.


  • Karl T. Baughman, President
  • Sibyl W. Johnston, Secretary
  • John Weir, Treasurer
  • John O. (Jack) Foy, Vice-President-First
  • Karen B. Bay, Vice-President-Programs
  • Benjamin J. Gingiss, Past-President
  • Karl T. Baughman, Intl. Board of Governors

1992 Events

  • March 26th - "Suminagashi; a Japanese Art Form" by Amy Lee Segami
    at the Tower Garden Restaurant in Skokie
  • July 23rd - "Oriental Rugs" by Mrs. Roya Dedkhah
    at the Skokie Country Club in Glencoe
  • September 17th - "Irian Java of Western New Guinea" by Gene Witz
    at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • December 17th - "Holiday Party" by Edwina & Bob Ericksson
    at the Valley Lo Sports Club of Glenview

Details from the March 26th event at the Tower Garden Restaurant of Skokie:

Amy Lee Segami Baughman and Gibbons Suminagashi, which means flowing ink is a unique & ancient Japanese Art form. Amy Lee Segami, a fluid mechanical engineer before devoting herself to this art form, educated the group via her paintings & the philosophy behind the art form. Click here to link to the Symmetry website for a detailed article on her work or go to You Tube's Wild Chicago site & input her name. Amy's professional portrait is on the left. On the right, Karl Baughman presents outgoing secretary Joan Gibbons with a special chapter recognition award.

Details from the July 23rd event at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe:

No Images Available Submissions Welcome Speaker Roya Dedkhah gave the audience a quick overview of the different rug making styles & techniques used in the various Asian countries & illustrated each style with several live examples.

Details from the September 17th event at the Adventurers Club of Chicago & the club's 90th anniversary round the world trip:

No Images Available Baughmans on 90th Gene & MarLou Witz trekked with armed guards in dugout canoes to learn about these "tree people" as well as other adventures in Laos & Burma. Image submissions are welcome. On the right, Dorothy & Karl Baughman (far right) meet with other chapter members during their round the world trip that started on September 24th. They flew from LA to Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Paris, London & New York.

Details from the December 17th event at the Valley Lo Sports Club of Glenview:

Vavras Baughman with Hutar The club met for its annual holiday party at this new facility in Glenview with great success. On the left, Mae & Tim Vavra take a break from festivities for a brief chapter meeting. On the right, Karl Baughman uses this brief meeting to present Pat Hutar with her membership certificate.