1993 Chapter Archives


The chapter continued its commitment to hold 4 local events for its members. It also sent a number of representatives to the club's annual meeting (held at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island).

Two new members joined in 1993: Eileen H. Duncan & Frank A. Krumlovsky Jr.

One of our members; William Gimbel, Jr., passed Over the Horizon.

The chapter ended the year with 52 active members.


  • Richard J. Damisch, President
  • Sibyl W. Johnston, Secretary
  • John Weir, Treasurer
  • Thomas A. (Tim) Vavra, Vice-President-First
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Vice-President-Programs
  • C. Olin Sethness, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Karl T. Baughman, Past-President & Board of Governors

1993 Events

  • May 23rd - "Commitment; a Solo Sail Around the World"
    by William Pinkney at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • July 8th - "Travelling with NU's Arnold Weber" by Arnold R. Weber
    at the Eleanor Briggs Residence in Glencoe
  • September 9th - "The First Global Plane Race" by Pilot Susan Nealey
    at the Richter Residence of Lake Forest
  • December 5th - "Holiday Party"
    at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest

Details from the May 23rd event at the Adventurers Club of Chicago:

DDamisch and JPirtle JDamisch and Bill Pinkney As the PBS special depicted, Bill Pinkney was the 1st African American to solo circumnavigate sail the southern route. On the left, Dick Damisch & Jim Pirtle catch up on trips before the talk. On the right, Jean Damisch does some fact checking with William Pinkney in front of a massive grizzly before his speech.
Bill Pinkney speaking DDamisch presents BPinkney and daughter Pinkney's journey took 22 months & 27,000 miles on his sailboat "Commitment". On the left, Pinkney holds the audience while recounting a tense moment. On the right, Dick Damisch presents the speaker with a Bill Olendorf hand drawing of his sailboat while his daughter, Simone Baptiste looks on.
The Bays with friends Eileen Duncan receiving her membership certificate On the left, Jim & Karen B. Bay book-end their friends Michael & Teresa Wilkie during cocktails. On the right, Dick Damisch presents Eileen Duncan with her membership certificate.

Details from the July 8th event at the Briggs Residence of Glencoe:

DDamisch Webbers and EBriggs Foys AWeber and OSethness On the left Dick Damisch & Eleanor Briggs welcome Arnold R. Weber & his wife Edna. On the right, Jack & Alice Foy confer with NU President Weber & Foundation Co-ordinator C. Olin Sethness.
Left Panorama Right Panorama These two candid shots show part of the crowd on Eleanor Briggs' patio enjoying Arnold Weber's talk. He was so eloquent even white tail deer stopped to listen! Olin Sethness also announced that we have been awarded our 1st grantee.
JDamisch RGingiss KBay DMeyers LBannerman On the left Jean Damisch & Karen Bay (either side) welcome Rosalie Gingiss who arrived with her husband in a stretch limo. On the right, Dorothy Meyers & Lois Bannerman share a quiet moment before the presentation began.
Garnetts and Bendys DMcGowan DDamisch TVavra On the left James & Cathy Garnett renew their friendship with Joseph & Celine Bendy. On the right, Dick McGowan, Dick Damisch & Tim Vavra work on the chapter's next set of events.

Details from the September 9th event at the Richter Residence of Lake Forest:

K Baughman & Auburn Submissions Welcome Susan Nealey & Faith Hillman flew her Cessna 310R from her Downers Grove backyard 18,000 miles in the 1st round the world air race. On the left Karl Baughman arrives in his restored Auburn Roadster. On the right Martha & Jim Richter welcome Susan Nealey & Dick Damisch.
Bob Shaw Jim Richter Martha Richter Sethnesses The Richters entertained the chapter with Loseling monks chanting a dinner blessing. On the left Bob & Mrs. Shaw receive a tour from Dr. Jim Richter. While Martha Richter gives a tour to Alison & C. Olin Sethness on the left.
EBriggs DSchover WMeyers KBay MVavra SNealey Susan Nealey regaled the group with stories of Russian marriage proposals, new world speed records & a 22 day race from home to Switzerland, Russia, the US & ending in Cannes. On the left Eleanor Briggs, Don Schover & William Meyers admire a native rug from the Richter collection. On the right Karen B. Bay & Mae Vavra get race-specific routings from Susan Nealey's actual flight map.

Details from the December 5th event at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest:

SJohnston FMagee KBaughman Schover Brigss Pink Dr. Jim Richter, Eleanor Briggs & Tim Vavra each de-planed & then came to speak at the event! On the left you have Sibyl Johnston, Frank Magee & Karl Baughman discussing the chapter's 1st years. On the right, Don Schover, Eleanor Briggs & Bernice Pink discuss Eleanor's recent trip.
Richters Sethnesses Each speaker regaled the audience with tales from their recent trip. On the left you have Dr. Jim & Martha Richter in front of the holiday wreath. On the right, Alison & C. Olin Sethness repeat the pose.