1994 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted three informative events and its popular year-end holiday party.

1994 saw the addition of 10 new members; Patricia W. Bro, Evelyn R. Greene, Anthony J. LoForte, J. Richard McGowan, Dorothy & William J. Meyers, Erin K. (O'Connor) Somers, Virginia F. & Joe E. Robertson, and a future Chapter President, Carol Narup.

Two members; Sibyl W. Johnston & Allin W. Proudfoot, passed Over the Horizon.

The chapter ended the year with 57 active members.


  • Richard J. Damisch, President
  • Sibyl W. Johnston, Secretary
  • John Weir, Treasurer
  • Thomas A. (Tim) Vavra, Vice-President-First
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Vice-President-Programs
  • C. Olin Sethness, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Karl T. Baughman, Past-President & Board of Governors

1994 Events

  • May 25th - "The All New Russia" by Dr. Irwin Weil
    at the Plaza Club of Chicago
  • July 7th - "The World of Atomic Energy Development" by Dr. Donald S. Schover
    at the Eleanor Briggs Residence in Glencoe
  • September 8th - "Cape Horn; Circling the End of the World in a Piper Comanche"
    by Pilots Dr. Henry S. Riley & James L. Pirtle at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • December 8th - "Holiday Champagne Dinner"
    at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest

Details from the May 25th event at the Plaza Club of Chicago:

DDamisch and Kazmers Huttars and Thornburgs NU's professor of Russian studies, Dr. Irwin Weil gave the chapter an insightful update on Russia's ongoing transition to "Captialism from Communism". On the left, Dick Damisch, Romayne & Ted Kazmer join event hosts Dorothy & Bill Meyers before the meeting begins. On the right, Laddie & Pat Huttar discuss their Russian experiences with NU's Dr. Doe Thornburg & her spouse.
Mary Morton & Steven Schwartz J Damisch & Vivian Weil Dr. Weil has spent a lifetime studying Russia, is fluent in its language & culture & has well-researched opinions on its direction. On the left, Mary Morton listens to how Dr Steven Schwartz caught & held Katmandu pickpockets with his bare hands until the local police arrived. On the right, John Damisch shares time with the speaker's spouse, Vivian Weil.
DRs Weil Damisch & Schwartz D Damisch & the LoFortes On the left, Doctors Irwin Weil, Jean Damisch & Steven Schwartz enjoy each other's company before dinner. On the right, Dick Damisch goes over the the new member certificate process with new member Anthony LoForte & his spouse Mary Lee.
E Briggs F Magee & the Buehlers E Briggs D Baughman & M Vavra On the left, Eleanor Briggs & Frank Magee enjoy some post-dinner conversation with Pat Buehler & her spouse. On the right, Eleanor Briggs, Dorothy Baughman & Mae Vavra catch up on their respective travels before saying goodnight.

Details from the July 7th event at the Briggs Residence of Glencoe:

D Shover & E Briggs Garnetts & Bendys Our own Don Schover was recruited to join Enrico Fermi's team to create the atomic bomb. The speaker walked the audience through the early years in Chicago & Oakridge. On the left, Don Schover, Eleanor Briggs & Alison Sethness relax before their opening remarks. On the right, James & Catherine Garnett renew acquaintences with Jim & Celene Bendy.
DDamisch Garnetts & OSethness DDamisch DorisCollins & Sethnesses Don Schover also added personal insights from the many interactions he had with his fellow scientists. On the left, Dick Damisch & Olin Sethness book-end James & Catherine Garnett before the events begin. On the right, Dick Damisch introduces Doris Collins to Alison & Olin Sethness.
McGowans with Briggs & sovenier D Daamisch certifying C Narup On the left Dolores & J. Richard McGowan & admire one of many art pieces leanor Briggs acquired on her travels. On the right, Dick Damisch presents Carl Narup with her membership certificate before the presentation began.

Details from the September 8th event at the Adventurer's Club of Chicago:

Riley Damisch Nealey & Pirtle Riley & Williams fm NYC Local members Dr. Henry Riley & James Pirtle have flown their Piper Comanche literally all over the world. On this evening they regaled the audience with the tale of their most terrifying flight (circumnavigating Terra del Fuego). On the left, with the venue's famous Kodiak bear as support, Dr Henry Riley & James Pirtle book-end chapter president Dick Damisch & fellow flyer Susan Nealey. On the right, Dr Henry Riley recalls a prior lecture in New York with New York member Lucille Williams.
Duncan Pirtle Brinker & McGowan D Meyers Bob Williams & Sethnesses Click here to read the Log of their various journeys. On the left, Eileen Duncan, James Pirtle, Betty Brinker & Dick McGowan share some time together admiring the trophy wall. On the right, Dorothy Meyers & Bob Williams enjoy a pre-dinner drink with Alison & Olin Sethness.
Harriett JDamisch DBaughman DDamisch HRiley JPirtle & plane On the left, Harriett & John Damisch share time with Dorothy Baughman. On the right Dick Damisch greets Dr. Henry Riley, Jim Pirtle & the Piper Comanche itself as it lands at Wheeling, IL.

Details from the December 8th event at the Baughman Residence of Lake Forest:

Baughman family tree Baughmans & Tuts chair The club capped off the year by returning to the Baughman residence for their annual holiday party. On the left, the Baughmans pose in front of the main Christmas Tree. On the right, Dorothy & Karl Baughman pose with their authenic Egyptian reproduction of King Tut's chair.
Baughmans with JDamisch Detroit guests On the left, you have Karl & Dorothy Baughman showing Dr. Jean Damisch their custom-made Phillipine agate & brass highboy-secretary. On the right, the guests from the Detroit chapter (Kathy & Tim Sinclair in front of Floy & Lee Barthell with Margo & Gus Ford).
Returning Scholors DDamisch & EBriggs On the left, Dick Damisch & Olin Sethness book-end our recent scholars (Detroit's Erin Sommers & Chicago's Wynn Shawver). On the right, Dick Damisch gives Eleanor Briggs a big hug before they depart into the evening snowfall.