1995 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted three informative presentations as well as its popular year-end holiday party.

1995 saw the addition of 4 new members; John W. Damisch, Romayne L. Kazmer, June B. Pinsof and Dr. Steven O. Schwartz.

The chapter ended the year with 58 active members.


  • Eleanor C. Briggs, President
  • Carol A. Narup, Secretary
  • J. Richard McGowan, Treasurer
  • Thomas A. (Tim) Vavra, Vice-President-First
  • Eileen H. Duncan, Vice-President-Programs
  • C. Olin Sethness, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Richard J. Damisch, Past-President
  • Karl T. Baughman, Board of Governors

1995 Events

  • May 11th - "Circumnavigating by Concorde" by member Joe Bendy
    at the Bendy residence in Winnetka
  • August 2nd - "Grassroots Relationships Between Japan and America"
    by Mutsuyoshi Nishimura Consul General of Japan
    at the Skokie Country Club in Glencoe
  • October 12th - "A Research Traveler in Africa"
    by Dr. Henry Bienen President of Northwestern University
    at the Adventurers Club of Chicago
  • December 7th - "Holiday Party"
    at the Richter Residence of Lake Forest

Details from the May 11th event at the Bendy residence of Winnetka:

JBendy & Samuri liquor case Earthrise exchange When the opportunity to circumnavigate on the Concorde came up, the Bendys took it. Jim Bendy spoke & hosted at his residence. On the left, Jim opens his wooden Samuri into a functioning liquor cabinet. On the right, outgoing president Dick Damisch transfers control to Eleanor Briggs by passing on the chapter's signed Earth Rise.
Japanese Consul & Bendys Baughmans & Ulanes On the left, Jim & Celene Bendy introduce their friends Japanese Consul Matsuyoshi Nishimura (far right) & his spouse Junko (far left) to the membership. On the right, Karl & Dorothy Baughman catch up with fellow members Jerry & Caroline Ulane.
EBriggs, PWittman & EDuncan CBendy, EGreene & PHuttar On the left, Eleanor Briggs & Peggy Wittman enjoy conversing with fellow member Eileen Duncan. On the right, hostess Celene Bendy shows Evelyn Greene & Pat Huttar the residence as well as the stunning Lake Michigan views.
H&JDamisch with D&SKinloch T&MVavra strikeout with CGarnett On the left, Harriett & John Damisch enjoy dinner with their guests Dr. Donald & Susan Kinloch. On the right, Mae & Tim Vavra strike out with Catherine Garnett in front of the rumpus room Wrigley Field bleacher mural as we all unwind after the lecture.

Details from the August 2nd event at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe:

D Shover, E Briggs & Consul Consul with DMeyers & DDamisch Japanese Consul Mutsuyoshi Nishimura spoke about evolving from tourism to humanitarian outreach. His example was Episcopalian Missionary Paul Rusch who worked with the Japanese farming community for over 40 years. On the left, Don Schover & Eleanor Briggs greet Junko & Consul Nishimura as they arrive. On the right, Consul Nishimura previews his topic with members Dorothy Meyers & Dick Damisch.
Schwartzs, DDamisch & BillNarup CTaylor, B&BWhiting etc On the left, Ruth & Dr. Steven Schwartz go thru the dinner line in front of Dick Damisch, Bill Narup, Don Schover & others. On the right, seated left to right are Coder Taylor, Barb & Robert Whiting. Their table mates standing behind them are George & Natalie Cohan with Harriett Taylor.
Wynn Shawver with parents D Damisch & Wynn Shawver with parents On August 15th Wynn Shawver started her study trip from O'Hare airport. On the left, Wynn Shawver's parents Larry & Lorna give her some last minute advice. On the right, Dick Damisch sits down with them as they wait out a flight delay. As with all trips like this, there were a few surprises but Wynn made it back richer for the experience.

Details from the October 12th event at the Adventurer's Club of Chicago:

Spkr Beinen with EBriggs Magees with Beinen & Briggs Northwestern President Dr. Henry S. Beinen spoke to the membership about his doctoral research work in Tanzania. On the left, Dr Henry Beinen sits down with Eleanor Briggs before the meeting begins. On the right, the two presidents chat with Frank Magee & guest Jane Anderson.
Hendry & Mrs Sumners with Beinen Sumners with DBaughman & O Sethness Dr Beinen gave several examples of his preconceived notions that changed after he arrived on-site. On the left, Henry & Mrs. Sumners get some pre-lecture input from Dr. Beinen. On the right, Dorothy Baughman & Olin Sethness also enjoy a pre-dinner chat with the Sumners.
Sethnesses at dinner Baughmans with Frank Magee On the left, Olin & Allison Sethness dine with their fellow members. On the right Dorothy & Karl Baughman dine with Frank Magee.
Vavras with Walrus Beinen with Richters Dr. Beinen summarized his paper's conclusions & predictions for Tanzania. Although most were accurate, history did create some surprises even for even him. On the left, Tim & Mae Vavra enjoy an after dinner drink with their toothy friend. On the right Dr. Beinen addresses some post lecture questions from members Martha & Dr. James Richter.
Kodiak with Beinen Jean & Dick Damisch Polar with EGreene, Laddie & Pat Huttar On the left, Dr. Beinen chats with members (& NU alums) Jean & Dick Damisch under the watchful eye of a Kodiak bear. On the right, member Evelyn Greene asks Laddie Huttar to measure the size of the polar bear while member Patt Huttar confirms that the polar bear is larger than the Kodiak.

Details from the December 7th event at the Richter Residence of Lake Forest:

VBransfield RomayneKazmer JRichter SallyDaveGotaas MarthaRichter DDamisch The club capped returned to the Richter residence for the annual holiday party. On the left, Virginia Bransfield & Romayne Kazmer are welcomed by host Dr. Jim Richter. On the right, Sally & Dave Gotaas share some holiday cheer with hostess Martha Richter & Dick Damisch.
WynnShawver OSethness JeanDamisch WShawver with flags On the left, our returning scholar Wynn Shawver expresses her appreciation to Olin Sethness & Dr. Jean Damisch who chair & serve on our scholar committee. On the right, Wynn Shawver displays the flag of each country she visited on her study trip.
HarriettJohn Damisch with Schwartzes Tim & Mae Vavra On the left, Harriett & John Damisch along with Ruth & Dr. Steven Schwartz admire the antique carousel flying pig. On the right, Tim & Mae Vavra take advantage of the active fireplace.
Mbrs plus McGowans Bob Shaw and Frank Magee On the left, June & Edward Pinsof chat with Dolores & Dick McGowan. On the right, Bob Shaw & Frank Magee renew a longstanding acquaintence.