1996 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted two museum-based presentations as well a round-table and its popular year-end holiday party.

Four new members joined: Wynn A. Shawver, Lynn Smith, Marilyn J. Snoble and Robert C. Whiting.

Three passed over the horizon: Karen B. Bay, Oscar H. Dobson and Alice L. Foy.

The chapter ended the year with 60 active members.


  • Eleanor C. Briggs, President
  • Carol A. Narup, Secretary
  • J. Richard McGowan, Treasurer
  • Thomas A. (Tim) Vavra, Vice-President-First
  • Eileen H. Duncan, Vice-President-Programs
  • C. Olin Sethness, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Richard J. Damisch, Past-President
  • Karl T. Baughman, Board of Governors

1996 Events

  • April 11th - "Circumnavigating for Wild Animals
    by Mark Rosenthal Curator of the Lincoln Park Zoo
    at the Tower Club of Chicago
  • June 20th - "The Field Museum in the World"
    by Dr. Willard "Sandy" Boyd Field Museum Director
    at the Field Museum of Chicago
  • October 10th - "A Travel Round Table"
    a 3-minute pitch by each attending member
    at the Sunset Ridge Country Club of Northfield
  • December 12th - "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe

Details from the April 11th event at the Tower Club of Chicago:

Speaker with Wynn Shawver Gingss Greenblat & Speaker Curator Mark Rosenthal shared his experiences of transporting various wild animals to the Lincoln Park Zoo. On the left, Mark & Wynn Shawver compare notes on South Africa. On the right, Ben Gingiss, Miriam Greenblatt & Mark Rosenthal share a moment before dinner.
Pinsoff & Ulanes Kazmers & EdPinsof Mark's favorite memory is going to South Africa to pick up Adelor the lion. On the left, June Pinsof shares a moment with Jerry & Caroline Ulane. On the right, daughter Tania is introduced by Romayne Kazmer to Edward Pinsof.
LoFortes Briggs table On the left, Anthony & Mary Lee LoForte enjoy time with Virginia Byrne before dinner. On the right, the seated Don Schover, Eleanor Briggs & Tania Kazmer join their standing table mates Dick & Dolores McGowan with Romayne Kazmer.
Huttars Snoble certificate On the left, Pat & Laddie Huttar book-end their friend Evelyn Greene. On the right, hostess Eleanor Briggs presents Lynn Snoble with her new member certificate.

Details from the June 20th event at the Field Museum of Chicago:

Sandy Boyd Boyds & Sethnesses Dr. Sandy Boyd spoke on man's impact on our ecology. On the left, Dr. Boyd presents his wife Susan to the group. On the right, Sandy & Susan spend some pre-lecture time with Alison & Olin Sethness.
Magee, Duncan etc. Kazmer & Speaker table On the left, from left to right Founder Frank Magee, Eileen Duncan, Jim & Catherine Garnett, & Jay Freedman with seated Eleanor Briggs. On the right, seated left to right are Romayne & Ted Kazmer with Lynn Snoble, Mark Rosenthal, Ingrid Albrecht & guest.
JFreedman, Magee & Duncan Vavras, McGowans etc On the left, Jay Freedman, Frank Magee & Eileen Duncan discuss the chapter's early days. On the right, seated left to right are Dick & Dolores McGowan & Lucille Kasperson. Behind them are Tim & Mae Vavra, Adelle Zunas & Dick Kasperson.

Details from the October 10th event at the Sunset Ridge Country Club of Northfield:

Abrahms & Damischs Damischs & Meyers Each member had 3 minutes to present their most memorable trip incident. On the left, Scott & Mrs. Abrahms flank Dick Damisch while Jean listens. On the right, Dick Damisch, Dorothy & Bill Meyers listen to Dr. Jean Damisch.
Greenblatt & Vavras Greenblatt & Vavras On the left, Bill Meyers, Miriam Greenblatt, Tim & Mae Vavra. On the right, Miriam & Tim listen as Mae Vavra spins her tale.
Harriett Damisch etc Alison Sethness etc On the left, Tim & Mae Vavra, Brad & Jean Piper & John Damisch listen to Harriett Damisch's travel story. On the right Alison Sethness recalls her story with husband Olin & others listening.
Whitngs & Narups Magee & McGowans On the left, Robert & Barbara Whiting & guest listen in with Bill & Carol Narup. On the right Frank Magee, Dick & Dolores McGowan & guest complete the speaking circle.

Details from the December 12th event at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe:

3 NU Music Majors Brad & Jean Piper The club got 3 NU music majors to literally sing for their supper at this event. On the left, the 3 students sing some traditional carols. On the right, Brad & Jean Piper follow instructions to whistle along with the tune.
BPiper MVavra EBriggs JFreedman wit JeanDamisch On the left, Brad Piper, Mae Vavra & Eleanor Briggs share in some holiday cheer. On the right, Jay Freedman does likewise with Dr. Jean Damisch.
Damisch table John Damisch singing On the left, Jean Piper, Dick & Dr. Jean Damisch front another table with Eleanor Briggs, Bill & Carol Narup in the background. On the right, Mae Vavra & Harriett Damisch are amused by husband John Damisch's impromptu song.
McGowans Baughmans On the left, Dick & Dolores McGowan enjoy their holiday dinner. On the right, Karl T. & Dorothy Baughman ,both in festive attire, pause for a photo.
EGreene & PHuttar KBaughman & DParrish On the left, Evelyn Greene & Pat Huttar are in deep next trip discussions. On the right, Karl Baughman & Don Parrish share holiday good cheer.