1999 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted three lecture events as well as the ever popular Foundation luncheon & Holiday party. Chapter representatives also attended the annual meeting.

1999 saw the addition of a new record of 16 new members; James Arimond, S.J.,
Myles Busse, Jean L. Damisch, Mary S. Dunea, John Gnaedinger, Rolf M. Gunnar, Kathryn Guthrie, Donna Mueller, William J. Narup, Karen A. Schlueter,
Dr. Raymond Schlueter, Susan Simpson, Susan B. Skarecky, Robert M. Slabey,
John Eliott Wright & Mary Ellen Wright

The chapter had no active members travel over the horizon.

The chapter ended the year with 72 active members.


  • Carol A. Narup, President
  • Janice (Jan) K. McCall, Secretary
  • Donald (Don) M. Parrish, Jr., Treasurer
  • Bradley Piper, Vice-President-First
  • Jean L. Damisch, Vice-President-Second
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Thomas (Tim) A. Vavra, Past-President
  • Richard J. Damisch, Board of Governors

1999 Events

  • January 15th - "Annual Chapter Board Planning meeting "
    by Carol Narup
    at the Narup Residence of Wilmette
  • April 15th - "South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana Visited "
    by Carol Nolan & Roger Casty
    at the Sunset Ridge Country Club of Northfield
  • April 27th - "Order of Magellan Gala Event" & Annual Meeting
    at the Union Leage Club of New York City
  • June 16th - "Around & to the End of the World"
    by James L. Pirtle & Dr. H. Schirmer Riley; fellow members
    at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club of Wilmette
  • July 9th - "Annual Foundation Luncheon"
    at the Briggs residence of Glencoe
  • September 24-25th - "Joint Chicago Detroit Chapter Weekend"
    at the Chicago River Architectural Tour & Explorer's Club of Chicago
  • December 9th - "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the Bransfield residence of Chicago

Details from the January 15th event at the Narup residence of Wilmette:
The chapter officers met to plan out the year's activities & assignments.

J&DDamisch, EBriggs & CNarup BPiper & DParrish On the left, Jean Damisch, Eleanor Briggs, Dick Damisch and
Carol Narup take a break from their planning session.
On the right, Brad Piper & Don Parrish use the break to peruse one of Carol's many sailing books.

Details from the April 15th event at the at the Sunset Ridge Country Club of Northfield:
Chapter member Carol Nolan & fellow traveller Roger Casty gave a visually informative overview of their recent trip to the southern portion of the African continent.

Castys, CNolan & JSmith JHand, JDamisch, JGnaedinger, K&RSchlueter On the left, presenters Roger Casty, Jane Smith, Carol Nolan and
Mary Beth Casty pose with the chapter flag before the presentation.
On the right, members Jane Hand & Jean Damisch formally induct new members John Gnaedinger, Karen & Dr Ray Schlueter.

Details from the April 27th event at the Union League Club of New York City:
This year's Order of Magellan honoree, Ted Turner, mingled with the members & spoke eloquently on his current causes.

TedTurner with Narups DParrish JDamisch On the left, Carol & Bill Narup pose with Ted Turner before the formal program began. On the right, Don Parrish & Jean Damisch enjoy each other's company during the cocktail hour.

Details from the June 16th event at the Sheridan Shore Yacht Club of Wilmette:
Fellow chapter members Dr. H. Schirmer Riley & James Pirtle captivated the group about flying their vintage Cessna not only to the "end of the world" (the southern-most tip of South America) but the harrowing adventure they had trying fly around the cape.

BPiper, Riley Pirtle Parrish BJ Pipers CNolan JSmith On the left, Brad Piper & Don Parrish flank speakers Schirmer Riley & Jim Pirtle. On the right, Brad & Jean Piper greet fellow members Jane Smith & Carol Nolan.
JMcCall RSchlueter NGuthrie Vavras OSethness EBriggs On the left, Jan McCall, Ray Schlueter & Nancy Guthrie share a moment before dinner. On the right, Tim & Mae Vavra, Olin Sethness & Eleanor Briggs do likewise.

Details from the July 9th event at the Briggs residence of Glencoe:

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Details from the September 24-25th joint event with the Detroit Chapter around downtown Chicago:
A large contingent from the Detroit chapter visited our city for a full week-end of joint activities. The group then hosted a joint meeting with the Adventurers Club to hear the Field Museum CEO John W. McCarter Jr. discuss Sue's acquistion.

Mich. Chapter Pipers & MBusse On the left, the Michigan chapter gathers together before boarding Chicago's famous River Tour. On the right, Dr. Jim & Virginia Bransfield meet Myles Busse before boarding the tour boat.
JKelly CNarup LBarthel JJMcCarter CNArup JMcCarter On the left, International President Jeff Kelly poses with chapter presidents Carol Narup, Lee Barthel & Ellen & John W. McCarter. On the right, Carol Narup confers with speaker & Field Museum CEO John W. McCarter.
New Members LePauws Narups DParrish On the left, new members Sue Skarecky, Ellen & John Wright & Donna Mueller display their certificates. On the right, guests Didier & Janet LePauw are introduced to Don Parrish by hosts Carol & Bill Narup.
JKelly with DBMeyers JKelly LBarthel On the left, Jeff Kelly touches base with Dorothy & Bill Meyers. On the right, Jeff Kelly & Lee Barthel examine the more esoteric trophies of the Adventurers Club.
Greenblatt Briggs EWright VBransfield JMcCall On the left, Miriam Greenblatt, Eleanor Briggs & Ellen Wright pose with a polar bear. On the right, Virginia Bransfield & Jan McCall pose with two Detroit members & a lion. All trophies were legally hunted quite some time ago.

Details from the December 9th annual Holiday Party at the Bransfield residence of Chicago:

The Bransfields Parrish & AOrtoloni On the left, hosts Virginia & Dr. Jim Bransfield take a breather before the festivities begin. On the right, Treasurer Don Parrish asks scholar Alex Ortoloni how he kept his trip on budget.
Scholars & Arimond Briggs Baughmans & Vavras On the left, past & current foundation scholars Wynn Schawver & Alex Ortoloni flank Jim Arimond, S.J. & Eleanor Briggs. On the right, Dorothy & Karl Baughman greet Mae & Tim Vavra.
JFreedman FMagee JMcCall JSMith MVavra CNolan JPiper On the left, Jay Freedman, Frank Magee & Jan McCall work their way up the stairs to the buffet. On the right, Jane Smith, Mae Vavra, Carol Nolan & Jean Piper wish each other a merry holiday.