Photos of 2005 Events

In Chicago, the local chapter usually sponsors 3 educational events a year plus a Holiday party in December. We also sponsor a party in July to raise funds to support the Circumnavigators Foundation. One of the main activities of the Foundation is to send carefully selected students ("scholars") on an around the world trip to pursue research.

Typical scheduling at a Chicago event is to have cocktails from 6:00 to 7:00 with dinner served at 7:00. The presentation follows dinner. Time is reserved for some questions and answers. Speakers may be members talking about their trips or outside experts invited to share their adventures. Members are encouraged to invite guests to attend attend our events.

These were our events for 2005. Note we provide a link to the MapQuest website for details on how to reach each event location.

  • March 31st - "Flying with the Incas" by Sue Cross
    - St. Ignatius
    5:15 pm -- Jim Arimond will conduct a tour of this historic building
    6:00 - 7:00pm -- Cocktails on the 4th Floor, Grand Gallery
    7:00 - 8:00pm -- Dinner on the 4th Floor Brunswick Room
    8:00pm -- Program

  • May 15th - "Eleanor Brigg's 14th Century Japanese Masterpiece" by Art Institute experts
    - Art Institute
    10:30am - 12:30pm -- Brunch in the Garden room (cash bar available)
    12:30pm - 1:30pm -- Special viewing of the painting in Gallery 104
    1:30 - 5:00pm -- You are welcome to visit the rest of the Art Institute

  • July 22nd - "Foundation Fundraiser"
    - Home of Eleanor Briggs

  • September 22nd - "Solo Flight Around the USA" by Paul Wood
    - Chicago Athletic Association
    Parking avaiblable at Monroe Street Garage on Columbus Drive
    6:00 - 7:00pm -- Cash Bar
    7:00 - 8:00pm -- Dinner
    8:00pm -- Program

  • October 23rd - "Time for Takeoff" by Sarah Graber
    - Loyola Academy
    5:00pm -- Cash bar
    6:00pm -- Dinner
    7:00pm -- One-hour Show

  • December 1st - "Holiday Party" with a report by 2005 Scholar Susannah Cunningham
    - 41 North Restaurant

Photos from the March 31, 2005 event on "Flying with the Incas" held at historic St. Ignatius:

Machu Overview Machu Houses Two of slides from the talk Sue Cross gave on her memorable trip. On the left, an overview of Manchu Picchu and on the right, a closer view showing the details of the manificient stone work.
Grubers Arimond Velasco Guest Damisch Fischel On the left: Chapter President Jim Arimond is flanked by Ralph Velasco and prospective members, Dr. Linda and Mr. Frank Gruber. On the right, Dick Damisch poses, on his left, with new member Marilyn Fischel, and her guest.
Scott Wendy Guest Carol Jim Julie On the left, VP - Membership Scott Davis chats with his wife Wendy Davis, and their guest. On the right, in front of a magnificient oil painting, Jim Moore hugs his mother-in-law VP - Foundation Carol Narup and his wife (Carol's daughter) Julie Moore.

Photos from the May 15, 2005 event on "Brunch with the Buddha" held at the Art Institute:

Eleanor at Lunch Scott Davis, Robert Rain On the left, Eleanor Briggs gestures as she explains the fascinating story of how her late husband acquired the painting of the Buddha. On the right, Scott Davis presents a new member certificate to Robert Rain who explains how he took his circumnavigation.
The Schleuters Buddha On the left, as they leave the luncheon, Ray and Karen Schlueter are eager to make the short walk to see the Buddha. On the right is the object of the event, a rare 14th century Japanese painting of the Buddha in gold on a silk base. Janice Katz, Assistant Curator of Japanese Art, spoke to us on all aspects of this complex painting, The Buddha Preaching the Scripture of Perfect Wisdom. Mrs. Eleanor Coon Briggs gave the painting as a gift to the Art Institute in honor of her late husband, William Allen Briggs.

Photos from the July 22, 2005 Foundation Fundraiser held at the home of Eleanor Briggs:

Eleanor, Adolph, Phil Carol, Stephen, Jim, William On the left, our hostess Eleanor Briggs with her neighbor Adolph and Phil Meyer enjoy a glass of wine. On the right, we have the Chapter - Northwestern team for the Foundation Scholar: Carol Narup, Stephen Fisher (NU), Jim Arimond and William Anthony (NU).
Don, Karen, Carol Wendy, Mary Lou On the left, Board Members Don Parrish, Karen Schlueter and Carol Narup enjoy the opportunity to socialize. On the right, Wendy Davis and Mary Lou Rain smile for the camera. Everyone had a good time and we raised a record amount for the Foundation.

September 22, 2005 photos for the "Solo Flight Around the USA" held at Chicago Athletic Association:

Bob Hilhorn, Paul Wood Matt Reilein, Lois Kahan, Jim Arimond On the left, Bob Bilhorn with our speaker Paul Wood who gave an inspired talk about his adventure circumnavigating the USA. On the right, Matt Reilein, former Foundation Scholar, with Lois Kahan, and Chapter President Jim Arimond.
Wendy Davis, Don Blum Bob Shaw, Dick and Jean Damisch On the left, Wendy Davis and Don Blum enjoy a drink and conversation. On the right, Bob Shaw chats with former, and long-time Board members Dick and Jean Damisch.

Photos from Sarah Graber's "Time for Takeoff" show held at Loyola Academy on October 23, 2005:

NarupParrishFranch2005 Wendy Davis and prospective members On the left, Bill Narup, Don Parrish and Jim Franch create a classic pose showing they are having a grand time. On the right, Wendy Davis flanked by two prospective members enjoy a drink and conversation prior to Sarah's wonderful one-woman show.
Sarah's Application Sarah CloseUp On the left, Sarah Graber types an application during her terrific one-hour, multi-media show on her circumnavigation. On the right, Sarah tells her story and shares her point of view on the world using mime, dance, computers, props, sound tracks, sound effects, etc. What an inventive and delightful production!

Photos from the December 1, 2005 Holiday Party held at the Forty-one North Restaurant::

Jim Arimond Susannah Cunningham David Clark Peggy Simonsen On the left, Jim Arimond with this year's Foundation Scholar Susannah Cunningham who gave a PowerPoint presenation on her 5 month circumnavigation. On the right, David Clark chats with Peggy Simonsen.
Dr Cody Sweet Scott Davis Nathan Sarah Carol On the left, Dr. Cody Sweet is presented with her framed membership certificate by Membership VP Scott Davis. On the right, Foundation VP Carol Narup talks with 2005 Foundation Scholar Sarah Graber and her boyfriend Nathan.