Photos of 2017 Events

This page is the historical archive of the 4 events sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club in 2017.

It has copies of the invitations to the events and 52 photos taken at the events.


See our 2016 events and photos in the archive. Also view all events and photos from 1986 to 2016.

Click on the thumbnails for the paper invitations. Click on underlined locations for a Google map.

  • Invitation May 2017 Sunday, May 7, 2017
    "Research on Pros & Cons of GMO Technology"
    by Foundation Scholar Tara Mittelberg
    at KOI Restaurant, 624 Davis St, Evanston. Their website.

    12:30pm -- 1:30 Buffet Brunch (cash bar is available)
    1:30pm -- 2:00 Business meeting & guest introductions
    2:00pm -- 3:00 Tara Mittelberg presentation
    (NU students are invited free to the lecture)

  • Invitation July 2017 Saturday, July 15, 2017
    "Annual Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser"
    See Extensive & Unique Collection of Automotive History
    of Klairmont Kollections, at 3117 North Knox Ave, Chicago

    11:00 -- 3:00pm Buffet Brunch (no food or beverages on showroom floor)
    11:30 -- 12:00 An update on what our scholars are up to now
    11:00 -- 3:00pm Tour the showroom floors

  • Invitation Oct 2017 Wednesday, October 18, 2017
    "Sailing Around the World in 3.5 Years with Kids"
    by Marc & Jane Adams
    at Cliff Dwellers Club 22nd floor 200 S. Michigan Ave.. Their website.

    4:30pm -- 6:15 Cocktails at Cash Bar on the Lake View Terrace
    6:15pm -- 7:30 Dinner (guest introductions and opening remarks)
    7:30pm -- 8:30 Presentation with Q&A

  • Invitation Oct 2017 December 5, 2017
    "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the Red Lion Pub. Their website.

    6:00pm -- 7:00 Open discussion at the Cash Bar
    7:00pm -- 8:00 Dinner with guest introductions
    8:00pm -- 9:00 Best travel picture story contest, then dessert


On May 7, 2017 Tara Mittleberg presented her 2016 Circumnavigation Research results at the Koi Restaurant near the Northwestern campus in Evanston. Tara gave an entertaining and informative lecture on her trip and on her food research in half a dozen countries. We enjoyed a buffet lunch.

May2017Photo1 May2017Photo2 Left: Treasurer Barb Franch, members Heidi Bohn, Bill Redfield and Virginia Mullin. Right: The Middleberg table, with Tara Mittleberg flanked by her parents with aunt and uncle and friend.
May2017Photo3 May2017Photo4 Left: Webmaster Don Parrish, Ralph Segal, Patricia Young, Jim Keating, Pete Peterson, VP Foundation Carol Narup and Del Zunas. Right: Three guests, VP Membership Jeneane Blom, Secretary Don Blom, and President Karen Schlueter.
May2017Photo5 May2017Photo6 Left: VP Membership Jeneane Blom presents a pleased Dr. Patricia Young with her membership certificate. Right: Long time informal member Ralph Segel joins after the passing of his wife, Esther.
May2017Photo7 May2017Photo8 Left: Tara Mittleberg with her parents Cathy and Neil.
Right: Close up of Tara during her well received talk.
May2017Photo9 May2017Photo10 Left: The title slide of her Power Point presentation.
Right: Her intinerary
May2017Photo11 May2017Photo12 Left: President Karen Schlueter looks on as 2017 Foundation Scholar Margot Zuckerman gives a preview of her circumnavigation.
Right: The Winships drove from Michigan to attend, former Secretary Pat Smith, and 2011 Foundation Scholar Ben Shorofsky.

On July 15, 2017 our chapter had lunch at the famous Klairmont Kollections of cars. This hidden gem at 3117 North Knox in Chicago is one of the best car collections in the United States! A fact attested to by Pat Smith who has seen a number of these collections. This collection has 319 cars spanning the entire automotive history. These cars are working cars, and a staff of 3 mechanics are employeed to keep all of them running. Some of these cars are 100 point cars which means they are perfectly restored to the original condition in all aspects. In addition to the cars, there are motorcycles, some planes, artifacts from the Titanic, etc. After lunch, we had a talk by its 90 year old founder, Larry Klairmont, a self-made man who is a living embodiment of the American Dream. Larry fought in the battle for Iwo Jima in WWII. It was an honor to meet this man.

July2017Photo1 July2017Photo2 Left: President Karen Schlueter introduced Larry Klairmont, who spoke while members finished desert. Right: Later Larry discussed some details with one of his mechanics.
July2017Photo3 July2017Photo4 These two photos taken from the second floor hint at the size of this magnificent collection. The photo on the right captures a glimpse of the second floor.
July2017Photo5 July2017Photo6 Left: Joyce Klairmont, Larry's wife, points out a 1940 Cadilac Limo. Right: a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II custom Bubbletop. These two luxury automotive companies were founded by the same man: Henry Leland.
July2017Photo7 May2017Photo8 Left: An Eddie Rickenbacker 1926 Straight 8.
Right: A 1920s Pierce Arrow.
July2017Photo9 July2017Photo10 Left: A Czech WWII Tatra. Scores of Nazi officers were killed driving this car too fast on corners; a form of poetic justice.
Right: A 1948 Tucker automobile. Only 51 were made! Only a few exist! Even fewer are on display!
July2017Photo11 July2017Photo12 Both of these cars are rated perfect down to every nut and bolt. Left: a Bentley and Right: a 1930 LaSalle. There are many expensive cars in Larry's collection.

On October 18, 2017 Jane & Marc Adams gave a memorable talk about their incredible trip around the world. It started in Chicago in their own sailing yacht. Imagine selling your home, buying a yacht and taking your young children on a three and a half year trip to visit 42 countries and logging 38,650 miles. The Cliff Dwellers Club on Michigan Avenue with its spectacular views from the terrace of the whole Chicago lake front was a perfect venue for the presentation on the grand adventure of the Adams family. Marc's talk was well received with its "follow your dream" theme. He reported that his children are doing very well based on their experiences on the trip. Both Marc and Jane stressed how supportive people were on their trip, and the virtual community they created continues after the trip ended.

Oct2017Photo1 Oct2017Photo2 Left: Treasurer Barb Franch on the terrace looking south to Lake Michican. Right: a view all the way south with many landmarks visible like the Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium.
Oct2017Photo3 Oct2017Photo4 Left: Secretary Don Blom, and Peggy Simonsen enjoy the perfect weather. Right: Patricia Young, Richard Damisch, and Lucinda Kasperson admire the view of Millennium Park and the lake front.
Oct2017Photo5 Oct2017Photo6 Left: Guests interspersed with Pat Smith, VP Membership Jeneane Blom and President Karen Schlueter. All having fun. Right: Guests Mr & Mrs Donatellis with Lake Point Tower.
Oct2017Photo7 Oct2017Photo8 Left: A view of the Chicago Yacht Club & its harbor where many Chapter events have been held and Navy Pier in the sun.
Right: Close up of Millennium Park with its towers and iconic bean.
Oct2017Photo9 Oct2017Photo10 Left: Jaclyn Winship can "almost" see her home in Michigan.
Right: As dusk approaches, Peggy Simonsen, Jane & Marc Adams, and Don Blom continue to enjoy the view from the terrace.
Oct2017Photo11 Oct2017Photo12 Left: A candid photo as Marc and Jane prepare for their presentation, and President Karen Schlueter & VP Programs Jim Franch, who planned this presentation, work on last minute details.
Right: Status report on Jim's plans for our 2018 Chapter events.

Our Holiday Party was held on December 5, 2017 at the atmospheric Red Lion Pub across from the historic Biograph Theater. We had a private room with a two story ceiling filled with books, Liberty bond posters, framed letters, engravings, maps, etc. This was an extended social gathering enjoyed by all. We had a brief program: outgoing VP of Programs Jim Franch presented events planned for 2018, Dan Peterson gave a brief update on national HQ plans for a May 2018 meeting, President Karen Schlueter thanked Board Members individually for their efforts over the past 2 years, and Webmaster Don Parrish presented the Nominating Committee report. A unanimous vote approved the whole slate for 2018 and 2019 as shown on the updated officer page.

The highlight of the evening was a sharing of photos that had some personal meaning. It was a fun time as this well traveled group shared some of their experiences overseas. Below are a dozen photos submitted by the attendees. The judging by clapping was close and Virginia Mullin won with her Gorilla in Rwanda.

Dec2017Photo1 Dec2017Photo2 Left: Patricia Young, Dan Peterson, Don Parrish, Barbara Wanke, Ben Shorofsky, Melanie Peterson, Richard Damisch and Virginia Bransfield. Right: Jim Arimond, Marilyn Fischel, Dan Peterson and Virginia Mullin.
Dec2017Photo3 Dec2017Photo4 Left: Melanie Peterson, new VP of Programs Mary Houston and Jim Houston savor some red wine.
Right: the Winships came from Michigan to enjoy the party.
Dec2017Photo5 Dec2017Photo6 Left: Ben Shorofsky at a remote geothermal pool in Iceland.
Right: Don Bloom told the touching story of an artist who survived prison during the Pol Pot nightmare.
Dec2017Photo7 Dec2017Photo8 Left: Richard Damisch shared a majestic view of Mount Everest.
Right: Judy & John Meade converted their trip visit their son in Kyoto, Japan into Judy's first circumnavigation.
Dec2017Photo9 Dec2017Photo10 Left: Fun photo of Patricia Young "saving money" in Hong Kong as her husband Jim gets some exercise.
Right: Dan Peterson, who enjoys Sumo matches in Tokyo, pointed out wrestlers come to the match via the same public transportation and enter thru the same gates as spectators. They also travel in their robes.
Dec2017Photo11 Dec2017Photo12 Left: Barbara Wanke enjoyed skiing in New Zealand by airplane.
Right: Barbara Franch, recreated the mood of an old masque ball while soaking up the atmosphere of Venice.
Dec2017Photo13 Dec2017Photo14 Left: Karen Schlueter explained her two steps forward and one back on Dune 7 in Namibia.
Right: Virginia Mullin, was fascinated watching this Gorilla as he slowly and carefully studied a flower from different angles. Her story complemented her photo, and she won our contest.
Dec2017Photo15 Dec2017Photo16 Left: Don Parrish became the Most Traveled Person in the World when he landed on Conway Reef in Fiji in 2013. Right: Mary Houston explained leopards learning to hunt in a tree in South Africa.