Photos of 2023 Events

This page is the historical archive of the 5 events sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club in 2023.

It has copies of the invitations to the events as well as photos from each event.

This was the fourth year of the Covid plague but all 5 of our meetings including the Holiday Party were held in person as customary.


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The entire history of the Chicago Chapter can be found grouped by year in the Photos and Events archive.

Below is a listing of five 2023 events.

Click on the thumbnails for the paper invitation in pdf format.

  • Invitation Jan 2023 Saturday, January 21th, 2023
    "Meet Vivica Lewis, 2022 Scholar"
    at the Union League Club of Chicago (website) 65 West Jackson Boulevard (map) starting at 12:00pm.

    Cash bar -- 12:00 - 12:30 Gather and Cocktails
    Lunch ---- 12:30
    Program -- follows lunch

    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.

  • Invitation Mar 2023 Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023
    "Meet Mackenzie Gentz, 2022 Scholar"
    in the Community Room at 505 N. Lake Shore Drive (map) starting at 6:00pm.

    6:00 -- Gather & Light Supper
    7:00 -- Presentation by MacKenzie Gentz

    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.

  • Invitation June 2023 Sunday, June 25th, 2023
    "Foundation Scholar Fundraiser"
    at the Home of Home of Jeneane and Don Blom (map) from 12pm to 3pm.

    12:00 -- Gather & Lunch and Beverages
    3:00 -- Conclude

    Circumnavigators can donate $100 per guest using the paper invitation
    and mailing a check to Jim Franch.
    His address is on the invitation.

    or Circumnavigators can donate to the Foundation online via PayPal or Credit Card.

  • Invitation Sep 2023 Wednesday, September 20th, 2023
    "Dr. Nina Kraus and the Brainvolts Laboratory"
    Cliff Dwellers Club 22nd floor 200 S. Michigan Ave.. Their website.

    5:30 -- 6:30 Cocktails at a Cash Bar on the Lake View Terrace
    6:30 -- 7:30 Dinner
    7:30 -- Presentation with Q&A

    Cost: $65.00 (reservations must be made by September 15, 2023)
    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at

  • Invitation Dec 2023 Sunday, December 3rd, 2023
    "Global Experiences with Dr. Jane and the Arch along with Travel Stories from Around the World with Steven Cory Solomon"
    Francesca's on Chestnut, 200 East Chestnut St, Chicago. Their website.

    12:00 Gather for conversation and a cash bar
    12:30 Enjoy 3 course lunch
    2:00 Presentation with Q&A

    Cost: $70.00 (reservations must be made by November 26, 2023)
    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at

On January 21, 2023 we visited the Union League Club of Chicago. This is a famous historic location.

Our speaker was Vivica Lewis, who made her circumnavigation in the summer of 2022. Clicking on her name will give you more information about her and her research topic: "Birth Control Bans to Contraceptive Care".

To learn more about all 22 scholars our Chapter has sponsored over the past 2 decades: Click here.

Dave Waring, Pat Smith, Tim Foufas,
      Dan Dozier, Emma Harmon,
         Jackie Winship & Mary Houston
enjoy a libation and conversation before the formal event.
Jan2023Photo2 Jan2023Photo3 Deanna Padgett, VP - Foundation, presents Vivica Lewis
the 5 flags of the countries she visited on her circumnavigation.
The fuzzy photos capture the emotions of the moment.
This presentatiion of the flags is a long-standing Chapter tradition
which always delights.
Jan2023Photo4 Jan2023Photo2 Left: Vivica Lewis and her proud family.
Right: Past Chapter President Karen Schlueter, and VP - Programs and Mary Houston enjoy the many oil paintings in the Union League Club.

On March 22, 2023 we assembled in the Community Room, 505 N. Lake Shore Drive, home of Mary Houston for a light dinner and a presentation.

Our speaker & Foundation Scholar for 2021 was Mackenzie Gentz. She made her circumnavigation in the summer of 2022 due to Covid complications. Clicking on her name will give you more information about her and her research topic: "Linguistic Baggage: A Global Examination of Adult Accent Training in English as a Second Language".

To learn more about all 22 scholars our Chapter has sponsored over the past 2 decades: Click here.

This was a bittersweet moment for our chapter. We had managed to catch up after the damage Covid did to the plans of our Foundation Scholars, who are supported by Deanna Padgett, VP - Foundation.

But earlier this month a long-time chapter member and officer, Barb Franch, passed away. Only a week after this chapter meeting there was a celebration of Barb's life set up by her family and friends.

To recognize and honor Barb, our chapter made a donation to the Foundation which supports our Foundation Scholars.

And Barbara Gail Franch's name was entered on our Over the Horizon Page where we honor our dear members and remember our beloved friends.

Mar2023Photo1 Mar2023Photo2 Left: Chapter Officers with Mackenzie: Mary Houston, Don & Jeneane Blom, Jim Franch, Don Parrish; Right: Deanna Padgett, Mackenzie Gentz and her partner Jon McDermott.
Mar2023Photo3 Mar2023Photo4 Left & Right VP - Foundation Deanna Padgett and Foundation Scholar Mackenzie Gentz are old friends after collaborating on Mackenzie's Circumnavigation.
Mar2023Photo5 Mar2023Photo6 Left: VP - Membership Jim Franch presents Mackenzie with her Circumnavigator's membership certificate.
Right: Mackenzie gives her well received Powerpoint presentation on a large screen.

On September 20, 2023 we assembled at the Cliff Dwellers Club located on the 22nd floor at 200 S. Michigan. This is a very popular location with our members because of its outdoor terrace and magnificient views of Chicago's lake front. There are several photos of views from the terrace in last year's event report.

This year members spent a lot of time chatting with other members and guests. Result was few photos of members; everyone was so focused having fun talking to old and new friends to take photos.

Our speaker was Dr. Nina Kraus of the Brainvolts Laboratory at Northwestern.

She explained how our brain processed sound in some depth, but her colorful slides made it easier to understand. Some of this material is on the Brainvolts Laboratory website. How do children process sound and learn a language? The advantages of bilingualism in hearing, etc. Our members and guests asked a lot of questions.

Sep2023Photo1 Sep2023Photo2 Left: Don Parrish, Mary Houston, various guests and Pat Young on the terrace ; Right: various people including Pat Young, and on the far right long time officer Jim Franch.
Sep2023Photo3 Sep2023Photo4 Left: Dr Krause explains how our brains automatically determine the words among the sounds. Right: a lively Q & A session with Dr Krause followed her educational presentation.
Sep2023Photo5 Sep2023Photo6 Left: Dan Peterson reported happenings at the national level and President Jeneane Blom covered chapter plans.
Right: VP programs Mary Houston, Dr. Krause & her husband

The members of the Illinois Chapter of TCC were kindly invited to join the members of the Circumnavigators Club Chicago Chapter at the December Meeting / Holiday Dinner. Seven TCC members, including three who are also Circumnavigators Club members, attended.

We all enjoyed a delicious dinner at Francesca’s on Chestnut in Chicago. It has a cozy feeling like being in a storage cave of a vineyard. After electing our officers for the next two-year term, guest speaker Steven Cory Solomon talked about his experiences as a Rotary Scholar in Durban, South Africa. He shared how Dr. Jane Goodall and Archbishop Desmond Tutu changed his life through global opportunities.

Steven also told some of his favorite travel experiences living with a Mayan family in Guatemala, drinking at dog cafes in Thailand, swimming in a cave in Belize, sleeping on a raised platform in the Amazon, eating at the dark restaurant in Berlin, experiencing the tölt on Icelandic horses, and more!

Dec23Photo1 Dec23Photo2 Left: an overview of our cozy private room in the basement; Right: our outgoing president Jeneane Blom, calls us to order, for a meeting to elect a new slate of officers headed by incoming President Jim Franch.
Dec23Photo3 Dec23Photo4 Left: This slate of officers were elected. Click here for details.
Right: To learn the chapter tradition of passing this photo, and see the plaque Jeneane received click here and scroll down.
Dec23Photo5 Dec23Photo6 Left: Our speaker Steven Cory Solomon and Chapter member Dave Waring who recruited Steven to share his experiences.
Right: Beginning of Steven's gorgous presentation that shared personal and professional experiences.