Foundation Scholar Dan Hoyle


The Chicago Chapter sponsored Dan Hoyle to make a circumnavigation in 2002. His research topic was "The U.S. Factory in the Third World". Dan dropped out of Northwestern one semester in order to extend his around the world trip to 5 months. His research took him to Vietnam, Thailand India, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico.

Dan documented his research in a lengthy formal paper and he made a well-received PowerPoint presentation to the Chicago chapter. This presentation was such a hit that Dan flew to New York and delivered it to the local chapter.


Dan Comments on his Background

You can read a 2005 article in the San Francisco Chronicle where you learn that Dan was born in Malta while you read about his one man play, Florida 2004: The Big Bummer.

Dan has made it easy for us to follow his activities as he writes and acts in new plays. Just consult his personal website danhoyle.com. He has sections on his Bio, Journalism and Theater.


Dan Hoyle's Itinerary in 2002

It was easy to follow Dan's trip because he posted extremely interesting and well written dispatches on the web.

  • June 21 - July 6 - Final Preparation in San Francisco
  • July 6 - July 29 - Hanoi, Vietnam to Bangkok,Thailand
  • July 29 - August 8 - Delhi, India
  • August 8 - August 19 - East London, South Africa
  • August 19 - September 23 - Johannesburg, South Africa
  • September 24 - October 15 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • October 16 - November 3 - Quito, Ecuador
  • November 4 - November 24 - Mexico City, Hermosillo, and Tijuana, Mexico

As you can see, Dan had the energy to carry out a 5 month journey around the world.

Photo of Dan Hoyle Photo of Dan Hoyle on lamp post


Research Findings and One Man Show

Colleen, Dan and Carol As a Circumnavigator Grantee in 2002 Dan Hoyle traveled around the world researching the impact of globalization. This is a profound topic and Dan found advantages and problems during his investigations. He has written a one man play on his findings called, appropriately enough, Circumnavigator. There is a promo for it on his website www.danhoyle.net. His show played in San Francisco during the summer of 2004 at the Marsh theater and then went on the road.

Here is the report accompanying the above photo explaining this successful show:

Colleen Lance, President, San Francisco Chapter, and Carol Narup, 1st Vice President, International, were enthralled when they saw Dan Hoyle’s one-man show on his Circumnavigation of the World on September 17th, 2004. His trip was sponsored by the Circumnavigators Club, Chicago Chapter.

From a roadside rapping showdown in Mombassa to a moral quandry over McDonalds in Johannesburg, from swooning interpreters in Hanoi sweatshops to protest marches in Quito, Dan brought to life more than 20 characters in the telling of his search to parse the politics of globalization.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dan is “a superb actor…curiously inventive, and the solo show is engagingly performed”. Dan is taking his show to several universities throughout the US before leaving for his Fulbright Scholarship studies in Nigeria researching oil politics in January, 2005.


Since His Circumnavigation . . .

Dan is a gifted writer and an aspiring actor. In addition to his one man show described above, check out some of his work published on the web. He has also written a very funny and insightful article on life as seen by a stadium vendor on SportsIllustrated.com called The Vendor Chronicles. You can see that some of his views have been informed by his circumnavigation.

On February 17, 2008, he appeared on Charlie Rose Tomorrow. Their introduction includes the following: His most recent one-man show, Tings Dey Happen premiered at the Marsh in 2007, went on to an extended run at the Culture Project in New York, and most recently won the prestigious Glickman Award (for best Bay Area world premiere). Tings Dey Happen is Dan's account of his experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Nigeria, while studying the country's complicated oil industry and its political impact. Here is the 12 minute video.


Dan Comments on his Future

I leave in January 2005 for a year in Nigeria studying oil politics on a Fulbright Scholarship towards creating another solo show in 2006.