Foundation Scholar Sarah Graber


The Chicago Chapter is sponsoring Sarah Graber to make a circumnavigation in 2004. Here is how Sarah explains her research plans:
For my research project, I will study the way in which theatre is used as a tool for communication and education in communities around the world to create social change. By visiting professional theatres, universities, festivals, community theatres and schools, I will analyze the content and presentation of their productions, outreach programs, and teaching methods. I will also interview audience members in the community as well as the people involved in the art-making process to explore the experiential effects of this kind of theatre. Read more on the Northwestern website.


Sarah Comments on her Background

My mini bio is on the Northwestern website.


Dispatches from Circumnavigation

You can follow Sarah's adventures by reading her dispatches on the web pages that Northwestern University set-up for her. Click to read Sarah's dispatches on her circumnavigation.


Itinerary of Circumnavigation in 2004

Sarah will make a two and a half month journey to England, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina. Details are on the NU site.

  • June 22 - Depart Miami
  • June 23-30 - London, England
  • June 30-July 15 - Capetown, South Africa
  • July 15-26 - Nairobi, Kenya
  • July 26-August 6 - Mauritius
  • August 6-17 - Perth, Australia
  • August 17-26 - Sydney, Australia
  • August 26-September 2 - Auckland, New Zealand
  • September 2-9 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • September 9 - Return to Miami

Since her Circumnavigation . . .

After returning from her trip around the world Sarah created a one-woman show entitled "Time for Take-off!" The show chronicles her travels as she moves from one country to the next, exploring the cultural differences, the excitement, and the hardships of travel in an adventure of discovery.

She spent the summer of 2005 as a faculty associate at the National High School Institute Summer Theatre Intensive at Northwestern. Here she taught classes on theatre for social change as a faculty associate during the program.

Sarah, like many Circumnavigators, has a bad case of wanderlust and spent the rest of the summer traveling around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with her brother (it was his first time out of the country)!


Sarah Comments on her Future

Sarah Graber

As an actress, writer, teacher, storyteller, Sarah performed the role of Princess Marina Amphitrite at the Shedd Aquarium after her circumnavigation. Then she was in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire at the Village Players Theatre. She continued creating theatre for social change and teaching people about the importance of theatre as an educational tool on as part of an ongoing career in theater.

Snapshots of Sarah's career are unfortunately sparse and random on this website, but we provide another glimpse from 2013. Sarah won a highly competitive, prestigious Fulbright scholarship. Details are covered in this Miami Herald story.