Foundation Scholar Margot Zuckerman

The Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club and Northwestern University have sponsored Margot Zuckerman to make a circumnavigation in 2017 while conducting research on her topic entitled: "From Local Farms to Urban Tables". The subtitle is "A global study of the potential for local food systems to contribute to food security in urban areas".

Check out this informative article in Northwestern Now with two photos.

Margot's dispatches and photos from her circumnavigation are on her Blog.

Background on Margot Zuckerman

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Margot Zuckerman grew up admiring both the city life and the natural landscapes that surrounded her. As a fairly serious ballet dancer, she reveled in the large quantities of sushi and ice cream she could eat each evening, but little did she know how important food would become to her future academic endeavors. In high school, Margot led student environmental groups and participated in numerous forms of performing arts, for which she won the Chadwick School Performing Arts Award, International Honors Thespian status, and a Best Actress title in a California-wide theatre festival.

Margot chose Northwestern to pursue a degree in Environmental Sciences and Economics while getting to continue to do theatre extracurricularly, which she believes has been integral in supplying her with the confidence, communication skills, and work ethic necessary to achieve her academic- and career-related goals. During her first two years at NU, Margot also became a member of Real Food at Northwestern, joined NUís Food Service Working Group, and worked as a Sustainability Intern for Northwestern Dining. Through these activities and her largely interdisciplinary coursework, Margotís love of food matured into a more nuanced and broad-reaching passion, and she is now committed to increasing the sustainability of food systems at Northwestern and beyond.

Margot has in fact made use of numerous Northwestern-sponsored and independent opportunities to pursue her passions beyond Northwestern: She participated in SITís Renewable Energy and Resource Economics summer program in 2015 in Iceland, conducted an environmental policy research internship at Hafencity University in Hamburg, Germany in summer 2016, and worked at a non-profit organization conducting sustainable agricultural certifications in Milan, Italy, in fall 2016. Margotís efforts to explore and engage with different elements of food cultures across the world have inspired her to do even more, most recently volunteering on an olive farm in Valencia, Spain and working in the kitchen of a Eco-Resort in Northern Thailand.

Margot is thrilled to be able to combine her love of traveling, food, cities, and the environment through an intensive research endeavor with the Circumnavigators Grant.

Margot Zuckerman's Research Topic

Margotís experiences growing up in big cities along with her interest in the natural environment and agricultural production prompted her to confront the challenge of food security within an urban realm ó specifically, through cities' local food networks. By engaging with various forms of and stakeholders involved in local food networks across the globe, Margot seeks to answer the question of how cities can best develop local food systems to increase residentsí food security while maximizing broader environmental and economic benefits. Margot is excited to travel to Budapest, Milan, Singapore, Tokyo, Brisbane, and Rosario to conduct her research.

Given the inherently interdisciplinary nature of food systems studies, complex nature of food supply chains in urban areas, and the simple fact that everybody needs to eat, Margotís research topic is broad-spanning yet universally applicable and meaningful. She hopes that her findings will be able to help urban areas in earlier stages of local food system development to do so in a way that best supports an entire community.

Itinerary of Circumnavigation (draft)

Margot will be visiting these countries during her circumnavigation in the summer of 2017.

  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Argentina