Foundation Scholar Elizabeth Hyun

The Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club and Northwestern University have sponsored Elizabeth Hyun to make a circumnavigation in 2023 while conducting research on her topic entitled: "A Comparative Study on Psychotraumatology: Investigating Factors that Contribute to the Prevalence of Trauma Diagnoses in Post-Conflict Countries". This is explained below in more detail in the section on her Research Topic.

Background on Elizabeth Hyun

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Elizabeth Hyun Research Topic

A cross-cultural comparative study on psychotraumatology in Argentina, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), Rwanda, and South Korea. The study will use ethnographic methods such as expert interviews and participant observation in spaces designed for trauma care to investigate the central question: what factors contribute to the prevalence of trauma diagnoses in these 5 countries? Trauma is a global phenomenon that encompasses two important entities: experience and diagnosis. The research will focus on ethnographic methods to qualitatively determine the country-specific and cross-cultural factors that shape the nature of trauma diagnoses, care, and discourse. As this ethnography will take place during a global pandemic, it will be attuned to the effects of the pandemic on trauma care processes. The findings and implications of this study not only fill a gap in the current literature but also provide a source of representation for these 5 countries in the global psychological discourse.

Itinerary of Circumnavigation

Elizabeth plans to visit these countries during her circumnavigation in the summer of 2023.

  • June 16 - June 30    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • June 30 - July 14    Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • July 14 - July 28    Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • July 28 - August 11    Kigali, Rwanda
  • August 11 - August 26    Seoul, South Korea