1997 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted four events as well as attended the international & Magellan award meetings in New York City.

1997 saw the addition of 3 new members; Miriam Greenblatt, Richard W. Hopson & Bradley Piper.

The chapter had no active member travel over the horizon.

The chapter ended the year with 55 active members.


  • Thomas A. (Tim) Vavra, President
  • Carol A. Narup, Secretary
  • J. Richard McGowan, Treasurer
  • John W. Damisch, Vice-President-First
  • C. Olin Sethness, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Past-President
  • Karl T. Baughman, Board of Governors

1997 Events

  • May 1st - "Around the World Ballooning
    by Timothy "Bo" Kemper Steve Fossett's Project Manager
    at the Parthenon Restaurant of Chicago
  • June 5th - "Making a Difference"
    by Dr. Mary Segall Professor
    at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe
  • August 21st - "Guadacanal to Laguna Pueblo"
    by Alfred S. Borcover Travel Author
    at the Sheridan Shores Yacht Club of Wilmette
  • December 4th - "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the North Shore Country Club of Glenview
  • December 13th - "Order of Magellan Presentation"
    at the Union League Club of New York City

Details from the May 1st event at the Parthenon Restaurant of Chicago:
Thanks to Dr. Jean & Dick Damisch's nomination, Steve Fossett was awarded the Magellan Award for his round the world balloon ride. Tonight, Bo Kemper the team's project manager walked the crowd through all of the set-up & execution issues for the trip along with the inevitable surprises.

Speaker & CarolNarup Flaming Saganaki On the left, Bo & his wife Lee share a pre-dinner moment with Carol Narup. On the right, our waiter brings 4 flaming Saganaki appetizers to the table on one arm!
The Marassos the Narups On the left, Al & Betty Morasso fly in from NYC as our International President. On the right, Carol & Bill Narup pose for a photo during dinner.
LoFortes Briggs table On the left, Harriett & John Damisch share a moment with Miriam Greenblatt & the Morassos. On the right, Cathy & James Garnett catch up with Jean & Brad Piper.
Huttars Snoble certificate On the left, Jane Hand, Don Parrish & a guest enjoy dessert. On the right, members Lynn Snoble & Dick Damisch enjoy a brief moment before the lecture.

Details from the June 5th event at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe:
Dr. Mary Segall spoke about her efforts to set up the network of family planning clinics in Zambia. Her presentation was so compelling that several members volunteered to donate the needed medical supplies on the spot.

DrMarySegall E.Briggs JFreeman On the left, Dr. Segall chatting with guests before dinner. On the right, Eleanor Briggs & Jay Freeman enjoy each other's company.
Narup Briggs etc. MaeVavra with guests On the left, Carol Narup, Eleanor Briggs & Dr. Jean Damisch mingle before dinner. On the right, guests Cathy & John Lane enjoy Mae Vavra's company.

Details from the August 21st event at the Sheridan Shores Yacht Club of Wilmette:
The 35-year veteran travel writer captivated the audience with his most memorable travel experiences.

Damischs & Borcovers Pinsoffs & PatHutta On the left, John & Harriett Damisch enjoy the lake air with Linda & Alfred S. Borcover. On the right, Pat Huttar greets fellow members Edward & June Pinsoff.
Sethnesses & Schwartzs Damisch & Magee On the left, Olin & Alison Sethness enjoy dinner with Dr. Steven & Ruth Schwartz. On the right, Dick Damisch enjoys the sunlight with Frank Magee & his guest.
BeHai Temple Vavras On the left, guests Steve & Margaret Jiramsek enjoy the fresh air with Bill & Pat Scherer with the Baha'i Temple as a backdrop. On the right Tim & Mae Vavra introduce their guests to the membership.

Details from the December 4th event at the North Shore Country Club of Glenview:
The chapter's traditional year-ending holiday party was once again graced with Northwestern singers.

3 NU Music Majors McGowans & Briggs On the left, Dr. Jean Damisch introduces the NU pianist, tenor & mezzo. On the right, Dolores & Rich McGowan share a moment with Eleanor Briggs.
both Damisch couples the Narups On the left, Dick & Dr. Jean Damisch pose with brother John & Harriet Damisch. On the right, Bill & Carol Narup pause for a moment as well.

Details from the December 13th Magellan Award Ceremony at the Union League Club of New York City:
The Chicago delegation celebrated Walter Cronkite's Magellan Award at this ceremony.

Chicago Delegation Dick Damisch with Cronkite On the left, the Chicago delegation of Dr. Jean & Dick Damisch, Miriam Greenblatt, Tim & Mae Vavra, Eleanor Briggs, Dr. Henry Riley, MayAnn Jirasek, Ed Liss & James Pirtle assembled. On the right, Dick Damisch has Walter Cronkite sign his book.
MJirasek & ESomers JeanDamisch On the left, Ed Liss & scholar MaryAnn Jirasek chat with scholar Erin OConnor & Paul Somers. On the right, Dr. Jean Damisch models the offical Circumnavigator day jacket.