1998 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted three lecture events as well as the ever popular foundation luncheon & Holiday party.

1998 saw the addition of a record 15 new members; Virginia Bransfield, John B. Breckenridge, Virginia Bryne-Mooney, Charles Currie, Gertrude J. Freedman, Jane Hand, Janice McCall, Carole Nolan, Jane Smith, Hubert A. Van Ingen, Mae B. Vavra, Hannah L. Wheatley, Faye E. Widholm, Elisabeth Y. Winter & Adella Zunas .

The chapter had two active members travel over the horizon; J. Richard McGowan & Dr. Steven O. Schwartz.

The chapter ended the year with 67 active members.


  • Thomas A. (Tim) Vavra, President
  • Carol A. Narup, Secretary
  • J. Richard McGowan, Treasurer
  • Bradley Piper, Vice-President-First
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Past-President
  • Richard J. Damisch, Board of Governors

1998 Events

  • April 30th - "Across Siberia on the Orient Express
    by Jean & Brad Piper fellow members
    at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe
  • June 18th - "Trekking in Nepal"
    by Ms. Marge Roche
    at the Meyers residence of Chicago
  • July 24th - "Foundation Reach Out Luncheon"
    at the Briggs residence of Glencoe
  • September 10th - "Challenges Facing Russia Today"
    by Dr. Richard Farkus De Paul University Political Science Professor
    at the East Bank Club of Chicago
  • December 10th - "Annual Holiday Party"
    at the North Shore Country Club of Glenview

Details from the April 30th event at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe:
Members Jean & Brad Piper entertained the audience with tales from their recent ride on the Orient Express.

CarolNarup, FrankMagee EileenDuncan CNolan Dwyers JPiper On the left, Carol Narup & Eileen Duncan book-end founder Frank Magee. On the right, Carol Nolan & Jean Piper book-end guests Marge & Dwyer Roche.
Bransfields with KBaughman JMcCall with TVavra On the left, Dr. Jim & Virginia Bransfield chat with Karl Baughman before the lecture. On the right, Tim Vavra presents Jan McCall with her membership certificate.
JFreedman Cert Schwartzs & TVavra On the left, Jay Freedman receives her membership certificate from Tim Vavra & Eleanor Briggs. On the right, Dr. Steve & Ruth Schwartz join Virginia Bransfield & Tim Vavra at the lecture. Sadly this is the last picture of Steve.
Native blanket Mongolian Hat On the left, speakers Jean & Brad Piper display a Mongolian rug bought on site. On the right, Brad models a native fur hat during the presentation.
DBaughman MVavra DMcGowan Snoble DMcGowan On the left, Dorothy Baughman, Mae Vavra & Dolores McGowan share a moment before dinner. On the right, members Lynn Snoble & Rich McGowan enjoy a brief moment. Sadly this is the last picture of Richard.

Details from the June 18th event at the Meyers residence of Chicago:
Marge Roche spoke on her many trips to Nepal including efforts to start a library in a village in the Mt Everest foothills.

HDamisch DRoche LizWinter mbr cert On the left, Hariett Damisch fact checks an item with speaker Dwyer Roche. On the right, Elisabeth Winter receives her membership certificate from Tim Vavra & Jean Damisch.
PHutar Baughmans Magee M Greenblatt Guest On the left, Pat Hutar, Karl & Dorthy Baughman chat with founder Frank Magee. On the right, Miriam Greenblatt shares dinner with guest Hariett Wolfson.
John Gnaedinger Hariett Irsay with DMeyers On the left, guest John Gnaedinger comits to joining the club with Dorothy Meyers support. On the right, Dorothy Meyers introduces guests Hariett Irsay & Dottie Baddelay.
DSexton AFitzgerald Ed & Marilyn Thompson On the left, additional guests Denise Sexton & Audry Fitzgerald discuss their trips. On the right, guests Ed & Marilyn Thompson meet the membership.

Details from the July 24th event at the Briggs residence of Glencoe:
The ever popular foundation fund raiser luncheon was again hosted by Eleanor Briggs.

Baughmans with Eleanor Eleanor with Garnetts On the left, Hostess Eleanor Briggs greets Karl & Dorothy "Butterfly" Baughman in their Dodge ragtop with "KARL GO" plates. On the right, Eleanor greets fellow members James & Catherine Garnett.
JDamish WShawver Vavras DMcGowan MVavra BPiper On the left, Jean Damisch scholar Wynn Shawver, Tim Vavra, scholar MaryAnn Jirasek & Mae Vavra enjoy the sunshine. On the right, Dorothy McGowan enjoys the fresh air with Mae Vavra & Brad Piper.

Details from the September 10th event at the East Bank Club of Chicago:
Dr Richard Farkus from DePaul's school of Political Science gave the membership an insightful analysis of the challenges facing Yeltsin as he tries to switch Russia to a market-driven economy.

Piper Farkus Vavra EileenDuncan & DorothyBaughman On the left, Brad Piper & Tim Vavra flank speaker Dr. Richard Farkus. On the right, Eileen Duncan & Dorothy Baughman share a moment with Eileen's guest.
Greenblatt Briggs Freedman Vavra the Narups On the left, Miriam Greenblatt, Eleanor Briggs, Jay Freedman & Mae Vavra compare notes before the talk. On the right, Bill & Carol Narup pause for a moment.
Zunas Fitzgerald Baughman McCall Hand Baughman & Parrish On the left, Adele Zunas, Audry Fitzgerald, Dorothy Baughman, Jan McCall & Jane Hand share some time together. On the right, Karl Baughman & Don Parrish share a moment.

Details from the December 10th annual Holiday Party at the North Shore Country Club of Glenview:
This year's entertainment was provided by a trumpet & saxaphone duo from Northwestern.

TVavra CNarup NU horns with the Pipers On the left, Tim Vavra hands over "EarthRise" to the new president Carol Narup. On the right, NU musicians Dan Cray & Ben Boker confer with Jean & Brad Piper before hitting the high notes.
Damischs & Baughmans New members On the left, Dick & Jean Damisch pose with Dorothy & Karl Baughman. On the right, new members include Carol Nolan, Virginia Bransfield, Virginia Bryne, Jane Smith & Adele Zunis.
The Narups EGreene, CNarup Hutars On the left, Carol & Bill Narup pause before the festivities start. On the right, Evelyne Greene, Carol Narup, Laddie & Pat Hutar get caught up on each others travels.
the Byrnes Magee JeanDamisch On the left, John & Virginia Byrne pose in front of the holiday decorations. On the right, Frank Magee, Elisabeth Winter & Don Parrish share a moment.