2000 Chapter Archives


The chapter hosted three lecture events as well as the ever popular Foundation luncheon & Holiday party. In addition, a large contingent attended the annual meeting on September 22nd held at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island as well as attending the Magellan Awards ceremony in New York City on November 16th.

2000 saw the addition of 7 new members; Robert Fisher, Robert C. Gaus, Art Householder, Lucinda & Richard W. Kasperson, James C. Moore & Margery T. Struthers.

The chapter had one active member travel over the horizon; Elizabeth Y. Winter

The chapter ended the year with 75 active members.


  • Carol A, Narup, President
  • Janice (Jan) K. McCall, Secretary
  • Donald (Don) M. Parrish Jr., Treasurer
  • Bradley Piper, Vice-President-First
  • James Arimond, S.J., Vice-President-Second
  • Jean L. Damisch , Vice-President-Second
  • Eleanor C. Briggs, Foundation Co-ordinator
  • Thomas (Tim) A. Vavra, Past-President
  • Richard J. Damisch, Board of Governors

2000 Events

  • April 28th - "On Kilroy's Trail - A World of Travel "
    by C. Joe Robertson, author
    at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe
  • June 29th - "Foundation Luncheon & "Letters from my Godfather"
    by James Aimond, S.J., member
    at the Briggs residence of Glencoe
  • September 14th - "Mysterious Iran"
    by Miriam Greenblatt, member & author
    at the Harrigton Hall of Chicago
  • September 22-24th - "International Meeting"
    at the Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island, Michigan
  • November 16th - "Magellan Awards Ceremony "
    for aeronauts Bertrand Piccard & Brian Jones, of Breitling Orbiter 3 fame
    at the Union League Club of New York City
  • December 9th - "Annual Holiday Party " & "Beyond the Classroom "
    by Alex Ortolani, Foundation scholar
    at the Bransfield residence of Chicago

Details from the April 28th event at the Skokie Country Club of Glencoe:
Author C. Joe Robertson presented his journal of interational travels by linking the famous World War II US troop movements to the famous "Kilroy" character.

Robertons Howells & Busse BNarup RGaus DDamisch On the left, author Joe Robertson stands behind his wife Virginia with flanking Harry & Beverly Howell (AL) & Myles Busse.
On the right, Bill Narup & Dick Damisch congratulate new member Robert Gaus in the middle.
DMueller & Wrights Sclueters Pipers & FMagee On the left, Donna Mueller chats with Ellen & Jack Wright.
On the right, Ray & Karen Schlueter, Brad & Jean Piper pose with founder Frank Magee.
Narups & Pipers VBransfield, DParrish, EBriggs & AZunas On the left, Bill & Carol Narup meet up with Brad & Jean Piper.
On the right, Virginia Bransfield, Don Parrish, Eleanor Briggs & Adelle Zunas share a moment.

Details from the June 29th event at the Briggs residence of Glencoe:
Jim Arimond, S.J. spoke on the letters he received from his godfather in Nazi Germany during the Foundation fund-raising luncheon.

Friedmans with Arimond & CNarup Gauses with Householder On the left, guests Bob & Elke Friedman chat with Jim Arimond & Carol Narup. On the right, Robert & Victoria Gaus confer with new member Art Householder.
BNarup, Bransfields & LKasperson DMueller, Sethnesses etc On the left, Bill Narup, Dr Jim & Virginia Bransfield and Lucinda Kasperson. On the right, Alison & Olin Sethness & Donna Mueller share time together with Simone Wysockey & Elisabeth Winter.

Details from the September 14th event at the Harrington Hall of Chicago:
Our own member Miriam Greenblatt captivated the audience with her exploits in travelling thru Iran.

Sethnesses & MGreenblatt Vavras & Parrish On the left, Olin & Alison Sethness chat with seated speaker Miriam Greenblatt before the lecture.
On the right, Don Parrish stands behind Tim & Mae Vavra.
JMoore AHouseholder DKasperson M Struthers On the left, new members James Moore, Art Housholder & Dick Kasperson pose with their certificates. On the right, new member Margery T Struthers strikes a pose for the camera.
C Nolan Ray & Jane Smith the Narup family On the left, Carol Nolan & Jane Smith flank nephew/son Ray Smith. On the right, seated Bill & Carol Narup host their daughter & son-in-law Julie & James Moore.
Jane Anderson Hand A Zunas JArimond KSchlueter On the left, Jane Anderson, Jane Hand & Adelle Zunas pause during dinner. On the right, Jim Arimond, S.J. & Karen Schlueter pose below our banner before the lecture begins.

Details from the November 16th event at the Union Leage Club of New York City:
Bertrand Piccard & Brian Jones piloted the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon around the world to earn this award.
Narups & Piccard Jones DDamisch & Piccard On the left, Bill & Carol Narup discuss the flight with aeronaut Bertrand Piccard. On the right, Brian Jones & Bertrand Piccard share a moment with New York's Helen Jost & Dick Damisch.

Details from the December 7th annual Holiday Party at the Bransfield Residence of Chicago:
The Bransfield's again were gracious hosts for this event. Our recent scholar, Alex Ortolani spoke about his studies abroad.

the Bransfields Schlueters & Mooneys On the left, hosts Virginia & Dr. Jim Bransfield pause for a moment before the action begins. On the right, members Dr. Ray & Karen Schlueter introduce their guests Henry & Virginia Mooney.
BNarup JArimond & MBusse JFreedman AOrtolani & LSnoble On the left, Bill Narup & Jim Arimond share a moment with a seated Myles Busse. On the right, Jay Freedman & Marilyn Snoble have some personal time with scholar Alex Ortolani.