Photos of 2004 Events

In Chicago, the local chapter usually sponsors 3 educational events a year plus a Holiday party in December. We also sponsor a party in July to raise funds to support the Circumnavigators Foundation. One of the main activities of the Foundation is to send carefully selected students ("scholars") on an around the world trip to pursue research.

Typical scheduling at a Chicago event is to have cocktails from 6:00 to 7:00 with dinner served at 7:00. The presentation follows dinner. Time is reserved for some questions and answers. Speakers may be members talking about their trips or outside experts invited to share their adventures. Members are encouraged to invite guests to attend attend our events.

2004 Events

These were our events for 2004. Note we provide a link to the MapQuest website for details on how to reach each event location.


Photos from the December 9, 2004 holiday party at the home of Jim and Virginia Bransfield:

Bill Carol Narup Sarah Graber Ralph Velasco Jim Arimond On the left: Bill and Carol Narup exchange flags with Sarah Graber, our 2004 Foundation Scholar. Sarah researched the way theater is used as a communication tool in communities world wide to create social change. Her 11-week journey took her to England, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. On the right, new member Ralph Velasco talks with President Jim Arimond.
Sarah Graber Wendy Scott Davis Joan Sholty and Group On the left: Sarah enjoys a tasty meal with Wendy and Scott Davis before her PowerPoint presentation on her circumnavigation. Scott is now our VP of Membership. On the right: Jane Armstong and Del Zunas have a pleasant conversation.
Curtis Carol Frank Magee Karen Ray Schleuter Eleanor Briggs On the left: Joyce and Walt Curtis pose for the camera with Carol Narup and Frank Magee. On the right: Eleanor Briggs is flanked by Karen and Ray Schlueter. Karen is on the International Board of Governors of the Circumnavigator Club.

Photos from the August 26, 2004 event at the Forty One North restaurant taken by Bill Narup:

Ginger In Airplane Ginger On Camel Ginger Segel Kubiniec, daughter of member Esther Segel, spoke about her adventurous 14 month solo backpack across Africa when she was 27 years old. She explored 17 countries and used many modes of travel including DC3s and camels. Here are two photos from her talk.
NU Group Jim Carol Joan Sholty and Group On the left: Esther & Ralph Segel with their daughter Ginger, her daughter Sophie and husband Bob Kubiniec. On the right, members Scott & Wendy Davis interrupt their conversation with prospective member Bob Rain, and his wife Mary Lou for a photo.
Donna Mueller, the Wrights and Jane Smith Francis Lynch, Bill Narup and Jim Arimond On the left, members Donna Mueller, John & Mary Ellen Wright and Jane Smith enjoy a conversation. On the right, former speaker Francis Lynch, chapter photographer Bill Narup and chapter President Jim Arimond strike a "one for all, and all for one" pose.

Photos taken by Bill Narup at the July 16, 2004 Foundation Fundraiser at the home of Eleanor Briggs:

NU Group Jim Carol Joan Sholty and Group On the left: Jim Arimond & Carol Narup chat with the Northwestern Foundation team - Stephen Fisher, Margaret Sinclair & William Anthony. On the right, Joan Sholty poses with Tracy Lay, hostess Eleanor Briggs and Barb Franch.
Marilyn Fischel and Group Adella Zunas and Group On the left, Marilyn Fischel talks to Life Member Walt Curtis, VP Jim Franch and Treasurer & Webmaster Don Parrish. On the right, Ester Segel, Jane Anderson and Jane Smith admire the new hat of Adella Zunas.

Photos from the March 17, 2004 event at the Chicago Athletic Club taken by Bill Narup:

Don Parrish and Jim Rogers Frank Jan Bill and Eleanor On the left: Treasurer and Webmaster Don Parrish chats with our fantastic speaker, Jim Rogers. On the right, Frank Magee, Secretary Jan McCall, Photographer Bill Narup and Foundation Coordinator Eleanor Briggs enjoy the stately and impressive Chicago Athletic Association.
 Jim Arimond, Jean Damisch and Carol Narup Carol Narup, Sarah Graber, Matt Reilein, Elizabeth Whitehorn On the left, Outgoing VP Jean Damisch receives an award from President Jim Arimond and VP - Foundation Carol Narup. On the right, Carol introduces new Foundation Scholar Sarah Graber to former Georgetown Foundation Scholar Matt Reilein and Elizabeth Whitehorn

Thumbnails of 5 of John Goldman's 110 Mediterranean slides presented at the May 20, 2004 event:

Dead Sea Santorini Santorini Church Dubrovnik Croatia Malta Boat
Dead Sea Santorini Santorini Church Dubrovnik Malta Boat
Photos from the May 20, 2004 event at historic St. Ignatius taken by Bill Narup:

John Goldman and Curtises Damisch Bransfield Arimond On the left: Speaker John Goldman chats with Walt & Joyce Curtis.

On the right, former President Dick Damisch, former Christmas party host Jim Bransfield, and President Jim Arimond enjoy pre-dinner conversation.
Narups and Franches Jean Damisch and Sue Cross On the left, Bill & Carol Narup, pose for the camera with Barb & Jim Franch. Carol is the VP - Foundation and Jim is the VP - Programs.

On the right, Jean Damisch substitutes for Lucinda Kasperson, VP - Membership to present the certificate to new member Sue Cross.