Photos of 2010 Events

This page is the historical archive of the 6 events sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club in 2010.

It has copies of the invitations to the events and 44 photos taken at the events.


Click on the thumbnails for the paper invitations. Click on underlined locations for a MapQuest map.

  • Invitation Feb 2010 February 11, 2010
    "Local Engagement in National Parks Around the World"
    by Sam McAleese
    at Loyola Academy. Their website.

    6:00 - 7:00pm -- Open Bar
    7:00 - 8:00pm -- Dinner in the Faculty Lounge
    8:00pm -- Program in the Marillac Room

  • Invitation Feb 2010 April 22, 2010
    "Uganda: From the Eyes of a Sponsored Child"
    by Richmond Wandera
    at St. Ignatius. Their website.

    6:00 - 7:00pm -- Cocktails on the 4th Floor, Grand Gallery
    7:00 - 8:00pm -- Dinner on the 4th Floor Brunswick Room
    8:00pm -- Program

  • Invitation Feb 2010 June 17, 2010
    "Chicago Chapter's 2009 Visit to Dubai"
    by Fran Ferrone
    at McCormick & Schmick's in Skokie. Their website.
    Music Video of Dubai's Amazing Fountain
    6:00 - 7:00 -- Cash Bar
    7:00 - 8:00 -- Dinner
    8:00 -- Presentation

  • Invitation July 2010 July 17, 2010
    "Foundation Fundraiser"
    at the Redfield Estate in Lake Forest

    1:00 pm Luncheon begins

  • Invitation Sept 2010 September 16, 2010
    "Dust Babies: The Story of a Kenyan IDP Camp"
    by Jenn Winter
    at the Chicago Yacht Club. Their website.

    6:00 - 7:00 -- Cocktail reception (Cash Bar)
    7:00 - 8:00 -- Buffet Dinner
    8:00 -- Program

  • Invitation Dec 2010December 2, 2010
    "Holiday Party"
    at the Michigan Shores Club. Their website.

    6:30 - 7:30pm -- Cocktails
    7:30 - 8:30pm -- Dinner


Photos from the February 11, 2010 event on "Sam McLeese's Circumnavigation" held at Loyala Academy:

Jim Arimond Group Shot L: Chapter President Jim Arimond with Ann O'Hara, Loyala's Director of Development who helped plan our event. R: Enjoying dinner: Phil & Jan Meyers, Del Zunas, Virginia Bransfield and Jane Smith.
Sam McLeese Carol Karen Virginia Walsh Left: VP Carol Narup enjoys a club tradition presenting Sam McLeese with flags of the countries he visited. Right: an enthusiastic new member Virginia Walsh receives her certificate from VP Karen Schlueter.
Scholars Carol Scholars Carol Left: Carol Narup celebrates with Scholars Chris Ahern, Sarah Graber, & Sam McLeese. Right: Jim Arimond and 2010 Scholar Meixi Ng join for a complete photo of the Foundation Scholars.

Photos from the April 22, 2010 event on "Growing up in Uganda" by Richmond Wandera at St. Ignatius:

Virginia Don Eleanor Bob Left: Webmaster Don Parrish points out the hand woodcarving at St. Ignatius to prospective member Virginia Mullin.
Right: Long time members Eleanor Briggs and Bob Bilhorn pause their conversation for a photo.
Meixi Carol Sally Sam Left: 2010 Foundation Scholar Meixi Ng chats with Chicago Chapter VP Carol Narup. Carol is also the Second VP of the International Club.
Right: Sally Gotaas asks 2009 Foundation Scholar Sam McAleese about what he learned from his circumnavigation.
Jim Patricia Clarke Patricia Dave Left: Chapter President Jim Arimond presents Patricia Smith with her membership certificate.
Right: Clarke and Patricia Smith socialize with former Programs VP Dave Gotaas.
Katie Guests Richmond Lois Rudy Left: Programs VP Katie Gotaas (second from the right) with her guests. Right: inspirational Speaker Richmond Wandera, International Club Secretary Lois Kahan who flew in from New York City for his talk, and prospective member Rudy Pamintuan.

Photos from June 17, 2010 on the "Visit to Dubai" by Fran Ferrone at McCormick & Schmick's:

Chris Carol Sarah Chris Becky Blake Katie Left: VP Carol Narup with Foundation Scholars Chris Ahern and Sarah Graber. Right: Chris with his date Becky Freking and VP Katie Gotaas with her date Blake Hanson.
Eleanor Don Virginia Franches Left: Having a great time Eleanor Briggs, Don Parrish and Virginia Bransfield. Right: a nice photo portrait of Jim & Barbara Franch. Note in background circumnavigators are good tippers.
Karen Virginia Barbara Mila Left: VP Karen Schlueter presents Virginia Mullin with her membership certificate. Right: Prospective members Barbara Dickson and Mila Novak enjoy their meal, the conversation and the program.
Fran Marilyn Smiths Damisches Left: Our delightful speaker Fran Ferrone with VP Marilyn Fischel. Right: Nancy Smith, architect of the tallest building in the world Adrian Smith with Jean & Dick Damisch.

Photos from the July 17, 2010 Fundraiser for Foundation Scholars at the Redfield Estate:

Redfields Redfield Estate Left: VP Carol Narup flanked by Foundation Scholars Chris Ahern & Sam McAleese pose with our hosts Lyn & Bill Redfield.
Right: A view of the historic Redfield Estate.
Eleanor Carol Jim Jane Smith Left: Club officers Eleanor Briggs, Carol Narup and Jim Arimond chat on the porch. Right: Jane Smith enjoys desert with friends.
Ray Greg Four on Couch Left: Ray Schlueter and Greg Wojcicki savor the ambience.
Right: Virginia Mullins, Marilyn Fischel, Virginia Walsh, and Ralph Segel seem to blend in with the family portraits.
Nick Padgett Don Parrish Karen Linda Marilyn Left: Nick Padgett and Don Parrish enjoy conversation and limonade on the patio. Right: Strolling thru the formal gardens VP Karen Schlueter, Linda Gruber, and VP Marilyn Fischel pause for a photo.

Photos from the September 16, 2010 Event on Kenyan Dust Babies at the Chicago Yacht Club:

Dick Del Eleanor Ralph Esther Left: Dick Kasperson and Del Zunas enjoy a good laugh.
Right: Eleanor Briggs, Ralph & Esther Segel chat before dinner.
Virginia Bob Dick Carol Virginia Left: Virgina Mullin and Bob Bilhorn experience the Chicago Yacht Club lakefront view. Right: Dick Damisch, Carol Narup and Virginia Walsh pause for the camera.
Hideki Tsuji Sam Maren Left: Don Parrish, Foundation Scholar Meixi Ng, Dave Gotaas, and Hideki Tsuji, a Rotary exchange student from Japan.
Right: Foundation Scholar Sam McAleese with Maren, a Rotary exchange student from Norway.
Jenn Winter Jim Da nPatti Don Left: Speaker Jenn Winter accepts a Circumnavigator history book gift from Jim Arimond. Right: Dan Peterson with his parents Don & Patti, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Photos from the December 2, 2010 Holiday Party held at the Michigan Shores Club:

Carol and Karen Heidi Bohn Left: Chapter Vice Presidents Carol Narup and Karen Schlueter enjoy a glass of holiday cheer.
Right: Heidi Bohn and guests pause their conversation for a photo.
Bob Jim Virginia Bernice Jim Left: old friends Bob Bilhorn, Jim and Virginia Bransfield show holiday camaraderie.
Right: new member Bernice Pink with Jim Franch and guest, Cheryl Handelsman.
Karen Bernice Meixi Carol Left: VP Karen Schlueter presents a pleased Bernice Pink with her new member certificate.
Right: 2010 Foundation Scholar Meixi Ng poses with former Membership VP Jean Damisch.