Photos of 2018 Events

This page is the historical archive of the 5 events sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club in 2018.

It has copies of the invitations to the events and 54 photos taken at the events.


See our 2017 events and photos in the archive. Also view all events and photos from 1986 to 2017.

Below are our 2018 events. Please reserve these dates. Updated information is posted on this page, as it becomes available, from Mary Houston (contact via e-mail), our Vice President of Programs.

Click on the thumbnails for the paper invitations. Click on underlined locations for a Google map.

  • Invitation April 2018 Sunday, April 15th, 2018
    "Fostering Urban Food Security through Local Food Systems"
    by Foundation Scholar Margot Zuckerman
    at Uncommon Ground Restaurant, 1401 West Devon Ave., Chicago.

    12:30pm -- 1:30 Buffet Brunch (cash bar is available)
    1:30pm -- 2:00 Business meeting & guest introductions during desert
    2:00pm -- 3:00 Margot Zuckerman presentation
    (NU students are invited free to the lecture)

    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.

  • Invitation June 2018 Saturday June 16, 2018
    "Tour of Harold Washington Library"
    Location: 400 S. State Street, corner of Van Buren and State Street.
    Time: 10:30am meet in Library Lobby for Tour.
    Lunch will follow tour about 12:30 at Gino's East - South Loop
    at 521 S. Dearborn, an easy walk from the library

    10:30am -- Meet in Library Lobby for tour
    12:30pm -- Meet at Gino's East for lunch

    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.

  • Invitation Aug 2018 Wednesday, August 8, 2018
    "Annual Circumnavigators Scholarship Fundraiser"
    of Fireworks Over Navy Pier
    at 505 N. Lake Shore Drive

    7:00pm -- Light supper and wine
    8:00pm -- Report on 2018 Scholar (possible NU Speaker)
    9:30pm -- Fireworks

  • Invitation Sep 2018 Tuesday, September 25, 2018
    "Tales of a Travel Writer"
    by Lori Rackl, Travel Editor of the Chicago Tribune
    at Cliff Dwellers Club 22nd floor 200 S. Michigan Ave.. Their website.

    5:00pm -- 6:15 Cocktails at Cash Bar on the Lake View Terrace
    6:15pm -- 7:30 Dinner (guest introductions and opening remarks)
    7:30pm -- 8:30 Presentation with Q&A

    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.

  • Invitation Aug 2018Tuesday, December 4, 2018
    "Annual Holiday Party"
    at The Fortnightly of Chicago, Lathrop House, 120 East Bellevue Place, Chicago

    6:00pm -- 6:30 Cash only Bar
    6:30pm -- 8:30 Dinner bell and four-course Dinner
    8:30pm -- 9:00 Program

    Circumnavigators can sign up for this event using their credit card at eventbrite.com.


On April 15, 2018 Margot Zuckerberg presented her 2017 Circumnavigation Research results at the Uncommon Ground Restaurant in Chicago. Margot gave an entertaining and informative lecture on her trip and on her "Fostering Urban Food Security through Local Food Systems" research in half a dozen countries. We enjoyed a buffet lunch. See more details about her circumnavigation on her Foundation Scholar page and her trip blog.

April2018Photo1 April2018Photo2 Left: VP Membership Jeneane Blom, their guest, Secretary Don Bloom, and Marilyn Fischel. Right: Jaclyn Winship, Marc & Jane Adams with Mr. Winship, Joanne Raver, and Virginia Mullin.
April2018Photo3 April2018Photo4 Left: President Karen Schlueter, Webmaster Don Parrish, and Charles Merkel from St. Louis. Right: Ralph Segal, Virginia Bransfield, Patricia Young, and her husband..
April2018Photo5 April2018Photo6 Left: Andrew Peterson stopped chewing mashed potatoes for this photo. Former President Dan Peterson was ready. Right: Foundation Scholar and today's speaker Margot Zuckerman and her parents.
May2017Photo7 April2018Photo8 Left: VP Membership Jeneane Blom presents a pleased Joanne Raver with her membership certificate. Right: Joanne follows long standing club tradition by explaining a few highlights of her circumnavigation.
April2018Photo9 April2018Photo10 Left: Jeneane Blom presents a delighted Andrew Peterson with his membership certificate. Right: Andrew enjoyed sharing some events from his first navigation with his family.
April2018Photo11 April2018Photo12 Left: VP Carol Narup looks with glee as she presents Margot with flags from her circumnavigated countries. Right: Margot enjoys this tradition and had to figure out those flags quickly.
April2018Photo13 April2018Photo14 Left: Margot had several slides of each of her stops explaining lessons learned and fun experiences in this case Brisbane, Australia Right: Margot explains an adventure with an ostrich as she was unfurling the Circumnavigators flag for a photo, another tradition.

On June 16, 2018 we paid a visit to the impressive Harold Washington Library followed by lunch at Gino's East - South Loop. This, the largest municipal library when it was completed in 1991, was named for Chicago's first African American mayor, who launched the project that has successfully revitalized the South Loop. We had a delightful guide, Melissa, who has worked for the library for 5 years and answered our many questions.

We were all impressed with the facilities, the various collections, the art works and historical pieces from the Grand Army of the Republic. On the top floor is a large airy public space with a glass roof. There is also a section devoted to the political career of Harold Washington. All the logistics went smoothly including lunch where they happily boxed up salad, pizza and brownies that we did not consume.

June2018Photo1 June2018Photo2 Left: Harold Washington Library and Right: close-up of the Owl.
This intriguing design attracts tourists and others. Each year 1.3 million visit the library which has 80 branches in Chicago.
June2018Photo3 June2018Photo4 Left: Circumnavigators gather in the 2nd floor lobby to listen to Melissa, our guide, as our private tour starts. Right: A model of Chicago's famous bean as our tour works our way higher floor by floor.
June2018Photo5 June2018Photo6 Left: Over 58,000 dog tags; one for each American soldier who died in Vietnam. Right: Guest Cathy Key with circumnavigators Dan Peterson & Barbara Wanke in front of Civil War cannons.
June2018Photo7 June2018Photo8 Left: Carving of the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack.
Right: Portion of art work in plaster memorializing Illinois soldiers in the War of 1812 dedicated December 24, 1914.
June2018Photo9 June2018Photo10 Left: The top floor with a glass roof and marble floor has a wow feel to it. This floor also houses a permanent exhibit to Harold Washington.
Right: Historical busts on top floor.
June2018Photo11 June2018Photo12 Dan Peterson with his Int'l First Vice President name tag. Group photo on right: Dan Peterson, Virginia Mullin, Cathy Key, Barb Franch & Don Bloom On left: Don Parrish, Virginia Bransfield, Karen Schlueter, Jim Houston, Mary Houston & Jeneane Blom.

On August 8, 2018 we had our annual fundraiser for the Circumnavigators Foundation. The Foundation sponsors college students to make a circumnavigation between their junior and senior years to do research. The Chicago Chapter is a leading participant. So far we have sponsored 17 Scholars from Northwestern. And we raise money each year to fund a new NU student and their research.

This year our fundraiser was held at the home of VP of Programs Mary Houston and her husband who live in Lake Point Tower with an outstanding view of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. Mary served a tasty buffet dinner with wine. Members had time to enjoy pleasant conversations, wine and the view.

President Karen Schlueter called us to order for some announcements and a short meeting. VP of Membership Jeneane Blom presented new member Tim Foufas with his membership certificate. Margot Zuckerman, who gave a presentation to us in February this year, told stories about her circumnavigation.

Dr. Peter Civetta of Northwestern explained how their process encouraged students to develop research proposals and how NU determined the 3 finalists to present to our chapter's selection committee, headed by Carol Narup. Comments from Don Parrish contributed to the informative discussion. Members were pleased to gain a deeper insight of the collaboration between NU & our chapter, and the importance of our financial support.

Carol updated us on each of our Foundation Scholars' current status. The theme was clear: all are on a path to success and credit their circumnavigaton in helping them.

Aug2018Photo1 Aug2018Photo2 Left: On Lake Shore Drive heading north.
Right: Our hostess Mary Houston talking to Jim Keating with a plate from the buffet, and a view of Navy Pier.
Aug2018Photo3 Aug2018Photo4 Left: New Member Tim Foufas, chats with Treasurer Barb Franch.
Right: Peter Civetta & Barb Wanke. At the buffet: Margot Zuckerman, Jim Franch, Virgina Mullin and Don Parrish.
Aug2018Photo5 Aug2018Photo6 Left: Jeneane Blom gives Tim Foufas his membership certificate.
Right: Jeneane Blom, guest Linda Salisbury, Karen Schlueter and Marilyn Fischel.
Aug2018Photo7 Aug2018Photo8 Left: Peter Civetta, Margot Zuckerman, Barb Wanke, Carol Narup, Pete Peterson.
Right: Mary Houston and her daughter flanked by Jim Keating and Patricia Young.
Aug2018Photo9 Aug2018Photo10 Fireworks over Lake Michigan by Navy Pier. A video is required to appreciate the speed and complexity of the display.

On September 25, 2018 we were treated to a talk by Lori Rackl, the travel editor of the Chicago Tribune. The event was held at the Cliff Dwellers Club with its glorious views of Lake Michigan and park areas at the Lake Front. Photos do not do justice to the unobstructed views and the sense of clean air at the beginning of fall.

Members and their guests enjoyed leisurely conservations over cocktails outside before dinner. Dinner was tasty with some impressive deserts.

Lori's talk was a hit. She described some highlights from her travel adventures like hiking on the Inca trail, biking over significant distances in several countries, and her interactions with animals. Lori frequently asked Members to guess where her photos were taken, and they responded enthuastically impressing Lori with their travel knowledge and memory. Members and guests enjoyed her talk and relaxed genuine demeanor.

Sep2018Photo1 Sep2018Photo2 Left: Treasurer Barb Franch, Webmaster Don Parrish and President Karen Schueter pause for a photo.
Right: zoomed-in view of various Chicago sights including Navy Pier.
Sep2018Photo3 Sep2018Photo4 Left: Guest Caleb Hall, flanked by Patricia Young and Jim Keating.
Right: Virginia Bransfield, Judy & John Meade and Jim & Mary Houston.
Sep2018Photo5 Sep2018Photo6 Left: VP Membership Jeneane Blom, Barb Franch, Sharka (guest) and Virginia Mullin.
Right: View of Chicago Lake Front sights looking south.
Sep2018Photo7 Sep2018Photo8 Left: Clarke & Pat Smith with Barb Wanke.
Right: VP Programs Mary Houston introduces our speaker
Lori Rackl.

On December 4, 2018 we had our annual Holiday Party. It was held at the Fortnightly located in the Lathrop House. This is a historic location that preserves the heyday of 1890s elegance. The wealthy lived with servants, elevators, hand carved woodwork, and all of the finer things in life that could be had with good taste and a hefty budget. What a delight to experience another Chicago treasure for the first time.

This was a holiday party where members socialized and explored the second floor of this magnificent home. President Karen Schlueter called us to order for some announcements and a short meeting.

VP of Membership Jeneane Blom presented new members Amy Gardner and Keith Sbiral with their membership certificates. They shared several travel adventures including conducting multiple trips to Cuba.

Dec2018Photo1 Dec2018Photo2 Left: This 3 story building is actually 4 stories in height.
Right: Second floor is a delight including complex scenes on wall paper in a former bedroom.
Dec2018Photo3 Dec2018Photo4 Left: Second Floor sitting room.
Right: View of the sitting room with one of the Christmas Trees.
Dec2018Photo5 Dec2018Photo6 Left: Jim Houston, Jim Franch, Don Parish & Karen Schlueter enjoy a chat in an alcove on the first floor.
Right: Karen Schlueter, VP Programs Mary Houston, and Treasurer Barb Franch pose in front of one of the oil portraits.
Dec2018Photo7 Dec2018Photo8 Left: A proud Amy Gardner receives her certificate from VP Membership Jeneane Blom.
Right: After husband Keith Sbiral receives his certificate, there is a nice group photo to commemorate the moment.
Dec2018Photo9 Dec2018Photo10 Left: A photo of the first floor where dinner was served.
Right: A formal group photo after a 4 course dinner. The tall Christmas tree seems happy among the elegant surroundings.